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CDOT launches new campaign to prevent motorcycle fatalities

The Colorado Department of Transportation is encouraging motorcyclists across the state to wear the appropriate safety gear when hitting the road this fall. But because there is no law that requires motorcyclists to wear a helmet, CDOT has to get creative with the convincing.

Currently, motorcycles account for 3% of all registered vehicles in Colorado, but they represent 20% of all traffic fatalities to date so far in 2019.

Glenn Davis, Highway Safety Manager for CDOT, said, “So far through September, there have been 90 [fatalities] and that’s a big concern to us. We don’t want to look at those as just numbers, those are people.”

In this new campaign, CDOT has teamed with local bars and motorcycle events to distribute information about the importance of riding safely.

Davis said, “We came up with some coasters, the coasters are in the shape of a helmet or gloves, which is proper riding gear. And on those coasters, it has a message the motorcyclist to make sure they wear the proper gear before they ride.”

And what is that proper gear?

“We feel that proper gear is a helmet, a heavy jacket, gloves, pants heavy pants and boots that cover the ankle,” said Davis.

Davis urges that even the best motorcycle riders can be involved in a crash, “Even though a motorcyclist may be highly trained, riding sober. It’s important that they and their passenger wear the right gear in case something were to happen.”

CDOT asks that you take all the precautions needed before hopping on a motorcycle.

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