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Fort Carson holds second homecoming in less than a week

It was a patriotic morning Tuesday on Fort Carson as the 183rd Support Maintenance Company was celebrated in a homecoming ceremony at the William Reed Special Events Center.

Music played, the crowd cheered and 122 soldiers made their entrance as friends, family and loved ones looked on.

Kaitlyn Fortenberry, a wife of a returning soldier, said, “He’s our hero.”

Brandi Perez added, “We are glad, very blessed that he is home.”

This unit deployed back in February to the Central Command area of Operations. Their mission was to provide maintenance support to coalition forces. Company Commander Captain Tyler Fortenberry said he couldn’t be prouder of his men and the work they were able to accomplish.

“Very versatile mission and an outstanding job done by the soldiers. They trained up in one way and executed in another and just really killed it and hit home with everything they did,” said Fortenberry.

Alexander Perez said he’s happy to be back and although he’s done this seven times, it’s never easy.

“It doesn’t get easier having to leave your family at home. We’ve been able to support each other and adapt very well and that’s the most important thing for me to be able to do what I need to do,” said Perez.

Adam Scrivner was able to come back for his child’s birth but had to leave when his son was just six days old. His wife, Brionna, is happy to have him back safely and is ready for the extra help.

Scrivner said, “I can’t wait to have this quality time and have him bond with his son finally.”

And now being back home, these soldiers will be getting some much-needed time off.

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