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Colorado Springs company offers free cleaning services for cancer patients

Cleaning For a Reason is a national company that connects cleaning companies with people going through cancer.

The companies who are a part of Cleaning For A Reason will clean a cancer patient’s home up to two times while they’re going through treatment. There are four cleaning companies in Colorado Springs that work with the organization.

Kaitlyn Lemus is the founder of Homes By Heart, a local cleaning company that is a part of Cleaning For A Reason.

“You don’t need to worry about who is going to clean the oven and the inside of the microwave. We will do that so when you come home from treatment, your home is just ready to be your home,” Lemus said.

Brooke Granguard says she is so grateful for Homes By Heart and Cleaning For A Reason. Granguard is currently battling Breast Cancer and says the service took an extra burden off her family.

“Asking someone to come clean your house is very vulnerable. Like friends and family are sending meals but to have someone come and clean for you, it was a huge blessing for us,” Granguard said.

Lemus says along with offering free cleanings for cancer patients through Cleaning For A Reason, her company also offers a discount for those going through cancer after the free cleanings.

Lemus says supervisor cleaners and cleaners who have experienced cancer within their family are the ones who respond to the Cleaning For A Reason homes.

“Every Cleaning For A Reason cleaning we’ve done, the cleaner comes back and says ‘I sat there for 45 minutes and talked to them,’ ” Lemus said.

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