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Grime to crime: Window cleaners turn superheroes at Children’s Hospital

Some window cleaners in Colorado Springs went from ‘grime’ to ‘crime’ fighters. They dressed up as superheroes to bring smiles to kids who can’t leave their rooms inside the Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Thursday, these heroes took to the sky for different reasons.

“Some kids they’re more excited and try to reach out and touch you,” said Richard Fenning, a member of the Squeegee Squad.

But for Fenning, cleaning windows is only part of his job.

“Yeah five stories [up] for us, it’s not too bad. Once you get over that rush it’s just like a normal job,” he said.

Fenning might go by Richard when he’s on the ground, but five stories up, the kids know him as Captain America.

“I know how they look at us, but we look at them as heroes because they’re the ones battling every day,” he said.

For one of the kids behind the glass, Jayzon Trujillo, it’s a break from his life. He waits patiently for his turn to see Spider-Man, his favorite superhero.

Spidey and Trujillo have something in common: Trujillo fights too, but it’s not crime.

Jayzon is battling pediatric cancer, one that requires extensive chemo and radiation. His parents say he has tumors around his eyes and some in his lymph nodes.

So the moment where he can see real-life heroes paying him a visit through the window means everything.

“If we can just brighten up their day, because they’re the ones that are truly the heroes battling for them and their parents and it’s just a joy to see them,” Trujillo said.

The crew managing to put smiles on Trujillo’s face and the dozens of other faces staring back at them through the window.

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