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Rampart quarterback Cale Cormaney should be turning heads

Cale Cormaney is a beast. The Rampart quarterback has been a force on both sides of the ball, "Obviously the goal was to kind of tired all together after the past couple of years, being an underclassman, and being part of a great program like this. The goal was to have a good senior season. The whole off-season, all of our boys worked really hard. I feel like I put in a lot of hard work to just set myself up to have a successful season," says Rampart quarterback Cale Cormaney. Yet Cormaney is under-recruited. He has offers from Chadron State and the Colorado School of Mines but that's not enough. He is six foot three and weights 210 pounds. So he has the size. He's a nightmare for defenses to deal with and he's also a big time playmaking safety. He's a true athlete and his teammates know, "You've got to go and get him. He's a true Baller. He's built different. In all honesty, he's huge, fast, strong. He's so smart on the football field and it shows when he plays," says Rampart wide receiver Luke Pavlica. "I want to showcase that I can do all of that. I just like to impact the game as much as I can whether it's on offense or defense," says Cormaney.

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