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Pikes Peak International Hill Climb will run August 30th

The race must go on.

"From the very beginning the focus was making sure this race happens," says Megan Leatham, executive director of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The race will happen on August 30th. However, the international flavor could be limited, "We do have some concerns about travel limitations and restrictions from those competitors, that are planning on traveling overseas. We will run with however many competitors can make it out here," says Leatham.

Whether it's fifty-five or five competitors that make it out to compete in the race to the clouds, they will all be trying to reach the summit of majestic Pikes Peak the fastest.

"Preserving the history and the legacy of this event, that's been going on since 1916, is vitally important. I think it was 1930 when it was the Great Depression, only six competitors actually entered the race but the race went on," says Leatham.

Like the race itself with all of its sharp turns, sometimes you have to tap the brakes to slow down and then wait to accelerate.

"Well, we looked at all of the challenges that the race has had over the years, including what happened during World World I and World War II. We just feel that as long as we are complying and keeping everybody safe we really want to have an event. It's for the history and the legacy that is behind the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, the city of Colorado Springs and what everything that makes this race great," says Leatham.

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