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Rocky Mountain Vibes talk about the state of their franchise and baseball

If you wanted s'more Vibes baseball this summer it won't be happening any time soon, "Yeah disappointed, I mean it's a huge bummer. We've been saying that were hopeful but realistic and that hope is you know diminishing each day," says Rocky Mountain Vibes general manager, Chris Phillips. The Vibes were hoping to build off of an exciting inaugural season, "We were so excited for this year and we were going to be hosting the All-Star game. It's disappointing for sure," says Phillips.

As far as their future is concerned there were positive vibes coming out of the discussions between Major League Baseball and Minor League baseball. As Major League baseball was looking into eliminating some minor league teams, "That all came to a halt once the feud between the owners and the players union started happening. We're just patiently waiting, hopeful and optimistic that we will definitely be able to bring baseball back here next year," says Phillips. Speaking of baseball who knows if there will be baseball at all this summer. "It's a shame. It's kind of embarrassing for the sport. There was an opportunity there to really get together and come out as kind of this shining star. Whether it was with or without fans, even if they could have gotten those games on TV. I think ratings would have been through the roof. It's just a shame that where we are now. The owners can't agree, the players can't agree, it's not great for the sport," says Phillips.

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