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Pueblo West graduate R.J. Dabovich is living out his dreams

It was a journey a lifetime in the making. R.J. Dabovich, drafted by the San Francisco Giants, "I'm a professional baseball player. That's just crazy!," says R.J. Dabovich. From tee-ball, all the way through Pueblo West and Arizona State, he put in endless hours of work and he made it, "Looking back on every step of the way, and every time adversity hit, me and people around me help me get through it. It really just led me to where I am now," says Dabovich. Dabovich was drafted by the Royals in the 18th round, a couple of years back. The money wasn't right so he decided to go and play for Arizona State. This time around was a nerve racking process, after the draft shrank to five rounds, "Yesterday was the largest roller coaster ride I've ever been on. It was up one minute and down one minute. It's going to happen, then it's not," says RJ's mom, Cathy Dabovich. It all worked out when San Francisco took Dabovich in round four, "I heard my name and I saw my image pop up on the screen, and I'm like: oh it's me. It took me a few more seconds and then it finally hit me. I hug my parents. I cried a little bit. Having that release and that stress off your shoulders that 'Hey I'm here. I'm one step closer to my dream," says Dabovich. "There's a lot of hard work in there. That's what, for me, makes me feel proud. I know how hard he worked to get to that day," says RJ's father, Johnny Dabovich. He's an closer by trade but the Giants plan to use Dabovich as a starter. Whatever the role, he's ready for the challenge, "I want to go down as one of the best players of all time," says Dabovich. He has a message for anyone chasing their dreams, "Always bet on yourself. Always think that you can do it, because you're going to surprise yourself on what you can do," says Dabovich.

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