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Air Force coach Troy Calhoun chats about spending time at home, graduation and adventures in laundry

Air Force football coach Troy Calhoun is getting domesticated, "Kind of figured out the other day when I put a load of wash into the dryer and dumped the detergent in there right as I hit it oh goodness that's the dryer not wash so I go and clean that out," says Calhoun. Perhaps the silver lining in the stay at home order for coach Calhoun is that he is getting to spend more time with his family, especially with his son Tyler, who will be heading to college in the fall, "Just the amount of time he and I have been able to spend together and tell stories and what not. I find it heartfelt now he might not but I definitely do as a dad," says Calhoun. He is also extremely heartfelt about the 30 seniors who will graduate on Saturday, "And you think back to goodness four and half years ago when you were in their home maybe mom had a little concern or a family member thought he's going somewhere we don't know that much about and so inherently do you as a coach feel there's a significant amount of responsibility that they've entrusted their son to you, absolutely," says Calhoun. Coach Calhoun also believes as a country we will preserve, "We've always come out it even better and even stronger country because we make some discoveries along the way and in this case you know hopefully what that is it's a treatment. It's a vaccine and I think for me to go much deeper in that is beyond the scope of a coach," says Calhoun.

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