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The Air Force football team can dance!

It's been less than two months since Air Force beat the cheese out of Washington State and they've already back to work. But they've still finding ways to celebrate and have fun. At halftime of the Air Force basketball game on Saturday, the team was recognized for it's historic eleven and two season and also this happened. Falcon players worked with the dance team for a few weeks leading up to the game and showed they could boogie. Well, some of them, "Oh, the best dancers? Well, they put DJ front and center for a reason, so I'd have to say DJ. I'm not the best dancer, I can't really Dougie too well," says Air Force linebacker, Grant Donaldson, "Grant's pretty awful so we're not going to talk about Grant anymore. I'm pretty smooth though. I might be top two, or not two. I might be the best one, I think," says Air Force defensive end Jordan Jackson, "I think JJ started crying too. Oh did he? Yeah. What do you think that was about? I don't know. Probably because he can't dance and he didn't want to be exposed. He thinks he's a better dancer than you are. See, that's just blasphemy. If you go back and watch the video and look at him in the back, you can see he has no clue what he's doing. He has no rhythm. He's just absolutely terrible," says Air Force quarterback DJ Hammond.

All the trash talk aside, they say they've gained some respect for the dance team, especially since the players had to help throw the female dancers in the air, "It's crazy. It's a little scary because you've got someone's life in your hands, so it's scary," says Jackson, "I got paired with someone really small. She was like 4-foot-11, five foot. I was trying not to throw her outside of the gym," says Hammond.

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Rob Namnoum

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