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The School Buzz: Widefield elementary school celebrates moving military students with special shirts

Being in a military family can sometimes be hard for kids, often moving to a different city or, sometimes, a different country. At Webster Elementary in Widefield, where there is a healthy population of military family students, educators wanted to do something special for those kids who will be leaving Colorado Springs at the end of the semester.

The school is sending off such students with a purple shirt that has a U.S. or world map on the front that reads "A Military Kid is on the Move" and the words "I will miss my Webster friends" on the back.

The color purple represents military children, and the map represents where the student is moving. The purpose is to help military children feel loved, appreciated, and confident about their next move. This is also an opportunity for staff and students to recognize the student's last day and wish them well.

"We know this can be a really challenging and emotional time for our military students, so we wanted to do something to show them encouragement and show our gratitude to them," said Webster Elementary Principal Jennifer Bonds.

Kerry Kyser is a mother of two daughters at the school who will soon be moving. "They love them. I think it means a lot for them to be recognized that they're leaving," said Kyser.

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