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D11 delays start of in-person learning for high school students due to insufficient ventilation


District 11 has officially decided to delay their start of in-person learning by one week at all traditional high schools because of issues with schools' ventilation systems.

D11 Deputy Superintendent Glenn Gustafson said, “Ventilation is about air exchanges of outside air into the building on a frequent basis to refresh the air. We know from the coronavirus that the more air exchanges we can have, the better.”

And, due to a lack of sufficient ventilation Coronado, Mitchell, and Palmer High Schools will have to delay their start for in-person learning. Doherty High School is up to standard but closed due to quarantine. The goal right now is to increase the amount of air exchanges per hour inside each school.

“We are trying to exceed that by 50% to get to 150% of air exchanges. So that’s what we are trying to accomplish, get as many air exchanges through the building as possible,” said Gustafson.

The district says they are doing everything possible to get these systems fixed properly. In fact, most facility staff members are working overtime on the issue to try and get it resolved. 

Gustafson said, “We had to hire a third-party contractor to supplement our team to try and get all the schools open as soon as possible.”

District 11 says they realize this is not an ideal situation, however, this decision was made with the safety of their students and staff as a top priority. 

“We want our staff and our families and our students to feel assure that when they walk into that building that it’s a safe environment,” said Gustafson.

D11 hopes to have in-learning classes start the week of October 5.

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Kolby Crossley

Kolby is a reporter for Good Morning Colorado. Learn more about Kolby here.


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