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Driver arrested for DUI, vehicular homicide following crash in Colorado Springs

fatal crash

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) - A 27-year-old man is facing several charges following a crash that killed a pedestrian Monday night in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs Police responded to the intersection of E. Platte Ave. and Swope Ave. around 10:45 p.m. Monday. They found the victim, identified as 44-year-old Kevin Davis, suffering from serious injuries. Davis was taken to the hospital but later died.

The driver has been identified as Mersudin Mahmutovic. Investigators say he was traveling westbound on E. Platte Ave. when he struck Davis at Swope Ave. Mahmutovic stayed on the scene but was impaired and arrested. He now faces charges of driving under the influence of drugs, careless driving resulting in death, and vehicular homicide.

This is the 18th traffic-related fatality of the year in Colorado Springs and the fourth involving a pedestrian.

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  1. “Colorado Springs Police responded to the intersection of E. Platte Ave. and Swope Ave. around 10:45 p.m. Monday. They found the victim suffering from serious injuries and took them to the hospital where they later died.”
    Shouldn’t CSPD have waited for an ambulance?

    1. maybe the victim was so critically injured that minutes counted.
      This is not uncommon when they are that close to dying.
      Memorial Hospital is within blocks of Platte.

      1. CSPD doesn’t have either the expertise to determine that or the proper means to safely transport a trauma patient. They may have ultimately been responsible for the death of that patient by transporting them.

        1. And you don’t have the expertise to even say that about cspd! Sounds like you’re blaming the death on cspd and not the driver! Why am I not surprised!

          1. Of course it’s also possible (likely?) that KRDO reported the story incorrectly, and that an ambulance actually transported the patient…

          2. According to CSPD: “Medical personnel provided treatment and the pedestrian was rushed to a nearby hospital.” So it was KRDO’s great reporting…

        2. Why don’t you blame the DMV while you’re at it! Or the car company? You’re incredible! I love it.

  2. People J-Walking across that MAIN ROAD…and on top of that sometime i cant see them very well cuz they dress in black clothing.

  3. A neck tattoo….how odd. Probably a doctor or an engineer. Maybe he owns a mortgage or real estate company.

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