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Inktober takes the internet by storm

A doodling craze has taken the internet by storm, and it may be just the thing to calm your mind in the midst of a busy day.

This is the first year Carlos Jimenez from Colorado Springs has participated in Inktober.

It’s a series of daily prompts released each October that encourages people across the world to all come together and focus on the same ‘word of the day’ through art.

“It challenges you to draw and just pencil and ink, and then erase the pencil, and to do it for the whole month,” said Jimenez.

But some, like Jimenez, are more free-thinkers, and prefer to draw without a prompt.

“It’s something to make me faster because a lot of time I’ll take two or three days on one drawing. The best way to learn is mistakes, so I make a lot of mistakes, but I’m starting to like more and different ways of inking and different pens,” he said.

Millions of people around the world participate in the online phenomenon. And there’s still time in the month to join in. For more information you can visit online here.

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