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White House open to scaling down stimulus checks to families making more than $150,000 in Covid-19 relief bill

President Joe Biden is open to some negotiation on his $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief package, a senior administration official told CNN, but the $600 billion counterproposal announced by some Republican senators Sunday is “not going to scratch the itch.”

The White House is specifically open to considering scaling down stimulus checks for families making more than $150,000 per year, the official said, but the administration is not considering cutting off months of unemployment insurance access or money going to schools.

The official told CNN that if the Republican counterproposal moved forward, lawmakers would have to return to negotiating again in two months, which could happen in an even harsher political landscape. The official said that while the Biden administration is open to their relief package being smaller than $1.9 trillion, they’re not considering a $600 billion plan.

The Republican relief package represents the most significant response yet to the White House’s planned package, though with a price tag more than a trillion dollars less than the Democratic plan, the GOP proposal will likely face opposition from congressional Democrats.

The counterproposal includes a total of $160 billion for vaccine development and distribution, testing and tracing, and treatment and supplies, including the production and deployment of personal protective equipment. It also includes a new round of direct payments for “families who need assistance the most,” extends enhanced federal unemployment benefits at the current level and provides $4 billion to bolster behavioral health and substance abuse.

But Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told the New York Daily News Sunday that the Republican proposal is insufficient, stating that Republicans should, “negotiate with us, not make a take-it-or-leave-it offer.”

And Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said earlier Sunday that he thinks there are enough Democratic votes to pass Biden’s Covid-19 relief package through a process known as reconciliation which requires only a simple majority.

Biden has said he’s not against reconciliation, but the official said Sunday the White House wants to, “give a place for Republicans, but they’re not going to be snookered.”

The relief package deliberations stand as an early test of Biden’s stated commitment to reaching across the aisle during his time as president. In his inaugural address earlier this month, the President called for bipartisanship and unity.

As of Sunday evening, decisions about next steps hadn’t been made about meeting with either party.

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  1. “The White House is specifically open to considering scaling down stimulus checks for families making more than $150,000 per year”
    There should be no payments for people making that sort of income. A couple of thousand dollars is mere pocket change for them. But President Biden has to stand by his promise that checks totaling $2000 will be going to the lower income folks, based on the promise he made before the Georgia runoff elections.

    1. Yeah, Bidumb will keep a promise. The duly elected President wanted $2k checks to start with.
      The bill passed will be payoffs to other nations and their cronies. It always is.
      Dems do t do anything that benefits US citizens.

      1. Tell me any one thing in this current bill that benefits other nations. Or are you just spouting off because you have nothing real to say? You should learn something about what you’re trying to talk about before demonstrating your ignorance.

    2. I won’t hold my breath. It was a “politicians promise” for the checks. As usual they make promises to get the votes and then bail on them. Then a few years later people soon forget that and keep voting for the same corrupt politicians that make hollow promises. Just like Obama was famous for this. He was a good talker and hardly ever said anything. People felt sooo good after his speech and then you ask them why and they don’t know. “I promise you can keep you Doctor…” -Obama
      The new…”We will send out $2K payments as soon as possible if you vote for me(or the Georgia senators)..” -Biden
      The two party system is broken and failing the people of this country.

      1. I’m not holding my breath either. But there’s a much higher probability that he will follow through on his promise than if Trump had made it.
        I never saw any problems with people being able to keep their own doctor until Republicans started to dismantle the ACA instead of fixing it.
        And I agree with you about the two-party system being broken. That’s another manifestation of our whole government system being designed back in the horse and buggy days, and not catching up with the advances of the rest of the world.

        1. Why did the Obamacare need “fixing”? It was just one of so many perfect Democrat bills passed before anyone knew what was in it. By the way, President Trump took out the bill’s teeth by removing its penalty for those who didn’t want it or couldn’t afford it. And, what did the Republicans do specifically that made an already horrible piece of legislation worse?

        2. I am one whos care was turned upside down by the ACA. Plans changed, many insurers dropped out. Couldn’t get just major medical unless you wanted to pay the penalty.
          Colorado then only had 2 insurance carrier options to choose from on the exchange. I am one who makes just enough money to not get a subsidy even when they say I qualify and I applied, just to be rejected. After ACA was implemented for my family I pay more for health insurance than I do for my monthly mortgage payment. Wife can’t have kids anymore but I have to pay for that benefit, even though it can’t be used.
          Claiming that you feel Biden has a better chance of keeping his promises in the face of him lying means you are one of the brainwashed people.
          “Ohh well he lied and we are not getting checks, but hey I think he would of kept his promise better than Trump would of so I still like the guy….” Really?

    3. RealityCheck– How do I break the news to you? I guess I’ll be honest.

  2. Nope, EVERYONE should get them!
    If you are a citizen you should be getting this.
    What if they said they would designate who gets them based on race?

    1. Do you really believe that race and wealth are equivalent when it comes to deciding who needs financial help?
      No wonder you call yourself “SlowJoe…” 🙄

      1. So you say a black man can’t be rich and successful?
        I love the Low Expectation Racism Libs promote.
        You MUST give every US Citizen the same treatment.

        Where do you come up with treating others differently based on success.
        Class warfare is all Libs promote.

  3. When the first stimulus came out and I saw the income limits, I thought, “These people have no idea what POOR really is.ITs NOT a couple making $150K. I live on less than 2K a month. That is just not equitable with real estate prices or housing choices here or almost every other town. But,,,, my success of living decently doesn’t come from the GOV-it comes from up above, being thrifty, not whatever pleasures your flesh, a billion tv channels… I am content, but I really think the government has this “poverty level thing” upside down. I feel blessed and fortunate and live honorably within my means. My faith in God carries me.

  4. At least Biden hasn’t lied to us about the virus cuz it’s no big deal I think Trump is responsible for many deaths with his BS and lack of action OH yeah and the BS that the election was stolen due to fraud and how bout the insurrection that’s treason punishable by death

    1. Just how is he responsible?
      That means Joe is responsible for the 40k + deaths since he was installed correct?
      He has failed with his plan and folks are dead!!!
      Hey, where did the cold and flu go this year?

    2. Your lack of recollection for recent events is concerning. Everyone berated Trump when he banned travel to the us from China as racist and what not. They all said he has no clue and it won’t be that bad(WHO) no need for travel restrictions at this time.
      Now….. Ohh he should of done it earlier….
      There was no insurrection or a coup…. don’t drink that koolaide. It is just as bad as the election was stolen.
      The two party system is broken and cause people to develop hate just because they are told so. Be better than that.

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