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Colorado Public Health officials give update on COVID-19 statistics before Thanksgiving


COLORADO (KRDO) -- The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is giving an update on COVID-19 statistics on Wednesday, including hospitalizations and new cases, just before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Watch below:

You can find more information on COVID-19 in Colorado, including data and where to find a vaccine or test, by clicking this link.




  1. Years from now after possibly millions of deaths from Latent experimental untested covid vaccine side effects there will be people left to tell us how they survived the Marxist Democrat covid Medical tyrannical Holocaust.
    They will tell stories about how they were lied to about the safety of the vaccine, the effectiveness of the vaccine and the number of deaths and injuries from the vaccines

  2. Why so much concern about gatherings for Thanksgiving? Doesn’t make sense to me, since they’ve been having football games all season without masks. What happens after the games? Well everyone goes back home to their families. Wouldn’t the numbers have been increasing by great lengths, if this virus hoax really existed. I’m not saying people aren’t dying, but it’s mainly due to their lack of physical fitness, and they maybe are just dying a little sooner.

    1. And there is Pedro again…no matter when it was developed it is a ruse and a danger…time will tell. So…you keep blindly following your agenda and let the government make your decisions for you…see how that works out in the future.

    2. How’s that old Joe’s administration doing? I really like buying the more expensive gas. Well, heck, it cost more, so it’s surely better for my car. Had to scrounge around last night in the Safeway to find the Cool Whip. The main location was picked clean. But I found another location and you better believe I scooped up the last two, even though I only needed one. No sense in leaving any for anyone else.

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