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Manitou Springs celebrates inaugural Indigenous Peoples’ Day

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Representatives from the City of Manitou Springs, Southern Cheyenne Nation, Lakota Dakota Cahuilla Nation, and Manitou Pollinators Council will be gathering in Mansions Park on Sunday, October 10th from 12PM-2PM for Manitou Springs’ first annual Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

A blessing of the area, speeches, a letter of forgiveness, gift exchanging, and traditional drumming and honor songs will all be a part of this celebration.

Everyone is encouraged to bear witness in silence during this historic moment in Manitou Springs’ history.

The City of Manitou Springs asks that everyone who attends follow some guidelines, including:

  • Bear witness in silence and respect which is considered the appropriate way to honor Elders and the Traditional Peoples.
  • Not bring drums to drum/sing along during the honoring ceremony from 12PM-2PM.  Mayor Graham was given permission to join in afterwards with drumming and singing.
  • This is not a vending event to make money by selling goods therefore no one is allowed to set up a booth, etc. They will be asked to leave.
  • Not ask to share their personal stories.  This day is for the Traditional Indigenous Peoples, the Mayor, and City Council.  We only have 1 hour to complete speeches.
  • Not pass the hat to raise money for the Tribes.
  • Photo taking will need to take place outside of the Sacred Circle and with permission of each tribal representative.
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  1. Sore losers who were so primitive by European standards at the time they were doomed to be conquered.

    1. Indiscriminate slaughter as demonstrated by those Europeans can hardly be considered anything but primitive by any standards.

    2. You’re such a Mitch Bade hiding behind your screen name. The Europeans would’ve died long ago if they didn’t have anybody to build their precious stolen land. Swarmed with plagues that they brought to this land. If the Africans the indigenous Americans had built walls like your loser non president Rump 🍑you wouldn’t exist homie.

      1. Happy Col*umbus Day. Colu*mbus Day is what I celebrate not this indigenous peoples day cr*ap that was created by radical Marxist Democrats who are lying history revisionists on a mission to destroy America, it’s history, it’s culture, it’s Christian based morals and values.
        You sound like a bitter penniless radical Marxist Democrat loser with no education, no skills, no money,no job and no future. A worthless white hating racist.

  2. The article says this is for the mayor, city council an the indigenous people? No one else? Remember: Columbus was an employee of SPAIN. Oh those evil Spaniards. Oh and if he hadn’t come along, the land and people would have been taken over by the french or dutch or russians or Italians. Unfortunately the native people were primitive and could not stand up to the conquest.look at Rome and their March on primitive goths, celts, pics etc etc.

    1. Actually, celebrating it started back in the early 1990s. It has since been celebrated and recognized in many cities and states around the country. And last week, President Biden proclaimed October 11, 2021, to be a National Holiday celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day for our whole country.
      So it’s not only in Manitou . . .

  3. Oh king Biden our beloved emperor,and his many decrees, keeping minorities down under the disguise of social advancement.i hope Elizabeth Warren was there at the ceremony.

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