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Colorado AG report says Aurora Police engaged in racially biased practices

AURORA, Colo. (KRDO) -- Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser has released a lengthy report detailing patterns and practices among first responders in the Aurora Police Department and Fire Rescue.

Watch below for Weiser's announcement:

Weiser says the Aurora Police Department and Fire Rescue engaged in racially biased practices. The findings came after a 14-month investigation that included ride-alongs, reviews of past cases, and checking into millions of documents.

Weiser said the investigation found that APD stopped Black people one-and-a-half times more than white people, and force was used on Black people two-and-a-half times more than white people.

According to Weiser, the Attorney General's Office is going to work with the department to enact fixes to address the problems, which he called "systemic."

This news comes just weeks after Weiser made the announcement that several Aurora Police officers were indicted by a grand jury on multiple felony counts in connection with the death of Elijah McClain.




  1. Soon there will be no one that will ever want to be a cop. and can not blame them because you are taking ever thing away from them to do there job…. crime soon will be out of control

    1. Have you looked at the Elijahh McClain story? A young man, not even *suspected* of a crime. He was walking down the street with a ski mask on, singing to himself (likely on the spectrum, it seems like). No record. No crime had been committed in the area. Someone basically called in a welfare check because he looked strange. When the police stopped him, he just kept telling them he was going home. They put him in a hold and then called paramedics who overdosed him on ketamine. Dead at age 23.

      Several months later, a group of other Aurora police officers made a funny video where they re-enacted the act, they thought it was hilarious.

      What good man would want to be a policeman if THOSE were the “officers” he was serving with?

  2. Cop cams. Cam every cop on duty, severe repercussions for blocking or turning cam off. All we need is accountability to solve the “bad cop” problem (and many other problems). Whether racism is or isnt a problem, the cams will show that.

    1. What is your issue here – the fact that there is a systematic issue identified, or that only the Aurora agencies were identified? The former seems quite apparent. The latter is due to the fact that only the Aurora agencies were the subjects of this investigation. Are there other agencies in the State with these issues? I’m quite sure of it. However, these findings are the result of a very focused investigation, and not a more expanded one.

      1. My issue is that this is systemic and is not being resolved, as the majority of LEA’s leadership cadre are the sole source of the continuation of these problems. Having worked in this career until retirement, I have observed firsthand how vast this problem truly is currently. Having observed how the “Good ol’ Boys” Clubs that are in charge of these departments handle these departments and push out good officers but retain the bad officers simply because their ideologies align or not is a major concern. As a person that took my oath of office seriously and understood the words within the oath(s), I walked the line. I would still be walking the line if it were not for the lack of real leadership within the agencies I worked for, or at another nearby agency, if they demonstrated these core values through more than just lip service. Action is how these agencies should be measured. And sadly because of my life’s experiences I have found most Law Enforcement Agencies Leadership lacking their own core values. It is not only my duty but also my responsibility to speak up when I observe something wrong.
        Trust is the main destroyer of credibility. When an Agency loses the public’s trust, they lose their credibility too. Trust and credibility are two key factors that cannot be easily regained after it has been deliberately lost through illegal, immoral and unethical acts. Vicarious Liability is key component yet only the one officer that is caught on film is reprimanded, even when the officer was following department policies and orders. How can we fix these departments that exhibit this systemic problem when the leadership cadre never leave their offices, yet demand enforcement of their policies by line officers. At what point does one have to ask how many times does this need to be reported, deal with the line officer that ran into the problem, but not deal with the leadership that allowed this systemic problem to vicariously continue unimpeded and unchecked. The Line officers are dealing with all of the stress and concern over loss of life or employment, while the Leadership cadre remain unchanged and untouched time and again.

        1. Case in point, the woman with dementia whose arm was broken and she was let for six hours without medical care. Charges against the law enforcement officers involved, as there should be. But the supervisor is on paid leave, as far as I can tell no charges, no consequences. City pays $3 million, but the sergeant who was called to the scene specifically because a Good Samaritan (taking a big risk) questioned what was happening on the roadside, the sergeant who is heard on the video asking if she is drunk and being told she is not — so he knew she was a senior with cognitive impairment and did nothing, he is fine. In fact, one of the charged officers is heard on the video saying that this sergeant always has their back — just what you describe. As law enforcement becomes more corrupt, we lose any good men and women still there, and the system becomes even more foul. Same thing happened to the school system long ago — good teachers couldn’t stand the mess, bad teachers love the money, the perks, the power, and the chance to advance into a lucrative admin position.

          1. Yes Ma’am, exactly. Or WPPD’s commanders still on leave; or Manitou PD’s police chief’s sudden resignation; or CSPD’s officer involved shooting where the shoot was cl@ssified as a good shoot, even when 4 officers are restraining the suspect and giving life saving techniques, another officer with a long rifle comes up and kicks the suspect in the head and shoulders 3-4 times, suspect later died; or Canon City PD’s officers that shot a suspect but there is no bodycam footage and no weapon or causality for lethal force being used; or PPD’s police chief being already reported upon for his decisive tactics and leadership before he was promoted to this position (Why was he even retained?). The list goes on and on yet the “Good ol’ Boys” continue to survive because they have placed themselves in positions where they are separated from actually working with the public and collect their paychecks. How can the people fix the problem when the problem deliberately hides behind the Blue Wall of silence.

          2. Sorry forgot another one, or when a CSPD sergeant of a specialized unit has to deal with protesters one night, then at a separate protest, he posts “Kill em’ All”. His punishment was a slap on the wrist and retained his employment. That’s right, a CSPD sergeant advocating for someone to kill protesters; and he is still employed at CSPD!
            Perhaps our memories are not once what they were, but come on, this is evidence is openly publicized in news articles, cell phone videos, body cam footage, et cetera.
            Who polices the police, because the IA divisions, the DA’s Office and other regulatory agencies are not doing it, so who will?

  3. Crime is already out of control. It’s the new normal. Btw, has anybody been prossicuted for the billions in damage to public and private property, the murders and beatings if dozens, during the riots in Seattle and Portland, fueled by democrat politician retoric and carried out by terrorist antifa? Just asking.

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