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I-25 and Cimmaron shut down overnight, suicidal male threatens to jump


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Friday evening, July 16th around 10:00 p.m., an adult male was threatening to jump over the I-25 and Cimarron Street Overpass. Officers with the Colorado Springs Police Department responded to a man pacing back and forth on the bridge.

When CSPD's Crisis Response Team responded, the man was threatening to jump. Additional officers quickly responded and shut down I-25 and Cimarron Street for the safety of motorists. Over the course of the next five hours officers negotiated with the suicidal male, while making alternate plans to ensure his safety.

During negotiations, the suicidal man came down from the edge of the bridge. According to CSPD, "the suicidal male came down from the edge of the bridge long enough for officers to successfully employ less lethal tools to safely detain him."

He was transported to a local hospital, where he was placed on a mental health hold.

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Kerjan Bianca

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  1. Colorado springs ranked a nice place to live.yet we have a huge homeless issue.and with democrats letting more in expect it to get worse

    1. Yes let’s use this news article to push our political views out there. I don’t think either side has a magic wand. I mean times are hard for many and nobody has the answer. Further more to the point it is society within the community that pretty much leaves one standing alone. When you aren’t sitting like a fat hog within the community people don’t have time for one. Many feel it’s to much to reach out and even just spend a moment with a man before he even gets to being on the ledge wanting to jump. So yes CSPD has to try and do what they can with what limited resources and training to try and help prevent a man from killing himself. I mean what happened to him that he wanted to die? Oh well I guess we will just sum it up to mental health crisis and put him on a hold in place that with poor treatment and call it a day!

  2. Well that’s good CSPD used less lethal tactics. I mean was there the option to use lethal tactics on a suicidal man? I mean after all he was coming off the bridge and wasn’t trying to harm anyone else. Kudos on less lethal tactics!

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