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Records regarding vaccine mishap at Moma clinic remain hidden to public as investigation continues


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) — It’s been months without an update from the state health department regarding the vaccine fiasco at Dr. Moma Health & Wellness Clinic, which resulted in 7,000+ wasted COVID-19 vaccine doses in April.

An El Paso County Public Health employee who visited Dr. Moma's Health & Wellness Clinic in Colorado Springs described seeing patients crammed together with no social distancing, unmarked syringes, chaos, and possibly falsified medical charts.

On April 19, the clinic hosted a press conference but didn't take questions from the media.

For the past three months, officials have refused to release records related to the investigation into the Moma mishap to 13 Investigates. For a while, records liaisons cited it being an ongoing investigation as means to keep any records private.

But recently, reporters’ requests for records have gone unanswered.

Patients vaccinated at Moma continue to pose questions about the state’s role in approving the clinic as a vaccine provider.

Now, patients are noticing their insurance was billed for the invalid doses. In some cases, patients claim their insurance was billed for two shots, but they only received one shot at Moma's. Others claim their insurance was also billed for COVID-19 doses even though they never showed up to their vaccine appointments.

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Lauren Barnas

Lauren is an anchor and MMJ for KRDO and 13 Investigates. Learn more about Lauren here.



  1. “Others claim their insurance was also billed for COVID-19 doses even though they never showed up to their vaccine appointments.”
    It’s not unusual for insurance companies to be billed for missed appointments, especially when a medication will be wasted because the patient didn’t bother to show up.

  2. Mind you, this couldn’t have occurred if it wasn’t for our CDPHE failing to conduct the site visits they were required to maintain. Any charges brought against her or the clinic will also have to expose the failings of the CDPHE. This will be swept under the rug and forgotten about because the checks and balances system failed the people of the community.

    1. The vaccines are always free to the patient. But insurance is billed whenever a patient is covered by insurance, since insurers are required to cover the cost of preventative medications. And they can be billed for the cost of administering the medication. That’s how the cost to the government is being kept down, at least a bit.

      1. While I am still waiting for Novavax, I am curious how much it costs. I don’t have regular insurance. I use a bill-sharing ministry that doesn’t typically cover shots. I don’t mind paying out of pocket. I just don’t want sticker shock.

        1. If you do not have insurance, the cost of the shot is picked up by the government. You do not have to pay.

        2. Nana is correct, that you won’t have to pay if your “insurance” doesn’t cover it. Just tell them you don’t have insurance. End of problem!

          1. You can get better deals on prescriptions sometimes by saying you have no insurance also. I was amazed, one prescription after insurance was $50 copay. I told them not to run insurance and use a free discount card(good rx, Blink health)now same prescription is only $15. Go figure

          1. Thanks for the link. Yes, I had read before about how Novavax could very well become the booster vaccine to come because the body handles it much better when other vaccines are required at the same time like the flu shot. My understanding is that the other COVID vaccines cannot be taken at the same time with other vaccines (at least that is what I have read).

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