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El Paso County hosts free vaccine clinic at Citizens Service Center

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., (KRDO) - El Paso County Public Health is hosting a vaccination clinic at the Citizens Service Center Monday and Tuesday.

The clinic, located at 1675 W. Garden of the Gods Rd., Colorado Springs, will be held near the waiting room for the Department of Human Services, Monday, June 7, and Tuesday, June 8, from 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

The clinic is free and is distributing the Moderna vaccine for anyone 18 and older who would like to get vaccinated. Walk-ins are welcomed, but people can pre-register online.

According to El Paso County Public Health, right now they are not seeing many people at their clinic, which is why they are pushing for these clinics to vaccinate more people.

Anyone who does choose to get vaccinated at the clinic will be eligible for the $1 million Colorado Comeback Cash program.

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  1. “Very important document as it is coming from active persons working within the health care system. They are not retired. They are not conspiracy minded and nothing in the document is not substantiated with references. They are not going into magnetism or prion disease but only proven problems. And they have enormous safety concerns for all spike protein vaccines. This is a dry,formal document well referenced and with a twist. They require a response from FDA before 11th June and it is unclear what they are threatening with in case of non response. The most valuable document around for proven side effects and the real concerns of future side effects and the astonishing lack of experimental animal studies for all vaccines.

    Probably the most important document published about the concerns about C -19 vaccines. It has everything discussed on this site. This is a very formal well written document to FDA requiring certain actions they should undertake before any formal approval of C 19 vaccines. It has all the necessary references and is written in a logical way.There are 27 prominent signatures from US, Canada, Australia and Europe. Peter Doshi is there, prominent commentator about quality of vaccine studies in BMJ. Peter Goetsche, Copenhagen, one of the most reliable pillar for evidenced based medicine and earlier influential in Lancet and BMJ before those magazines took the step away from evidence based medicine as regards the C 19 pandemic. Allyson Pollock, Public Health, UK is there as well as Tom Jefferson from the Oxford group Evidence Based Medicine. Peter McCullough Texas is also one of the signatories. A very powerful document which MSM/BBC will not cover presently and well worth reading.”

  2. Problem #1 is these are not real vaccines. They are gene therapies. Problem #2 is that these so-called vaccines don’t prevent you from getting the virus. Problem #3 is that these vaccines don’t prevent you from getting sick. Problem #4 is these vaccines don’t prevent you from shedding the virus and probably makes shedding even worse (increasing infectious rates). Problem #5 is HIPPA violations. My medical history is for me and my doctor(s), not a business owner to know. Problem #6 is that these vaccines are still unapproved/unlicensed by the FDA. How do you force anyone to take an unapproved/unlicensed medication?? Where do you stop with this? There have been lawsuits against business owners in the past for discrimination. I expect to see those lawsuits increase dramatically! Personally, I could care less if some business owner yells at me to show my vaccine passport. I’m just going to ignore them.

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