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House unanimously passes measure to allow to-go cocktails to continue in Colorado


COLORADO (KRDO) -- The Colorado House of Representatives on Wednesday unanimously passed a measure that would allow to-go cocktails to continue past the pandemic.

A previous executive order from Governor Jared Polis allowing takeout alcohol was slated to expire this summer. If the new legislation passes, it would allow to-go alcohol sales to continue for the next five years, even when all Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. However, limits will be put in place.

Sonia Riggs, President and CEO of Colorado Restaurant Association said, “Restaurants can sell two bottles of wine, two six-packs of beer, and one liter of alcohol to-go or for delivery.”

According to Riggs, 87% of restaurants are making revenue from alcohol to-go and delivery while one in five restaurants say the revenue they are making is significant.

“It’s also important to point out that it’s something that the public really likes. In a poll that we conducted in 2020, 85% of adults over the age of 21 were in favor for allowing alcohol for delivery from restaurants,” said Riggs.

And it’s not just Colorado, more than 30 states began allowing restaurants and/or bars to sell cocktails to-go as a Covid-19 economic relief measure. Iowa, Ohio, Kentucky, and multiple other states have all made cocktails to-go measures permanent.

“Certainly something its nice to see some widespread popularity of this initiative, for sure,” said Riggs.

The bill passed by a unanimous vote of 61-0 in The House and now elected officials hope to see the same success in the State Senate.

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Kolby Crossley

Kolby is a reporter for Good Morning Colorado. Learn more about Kolby here.



  1. So the CDOT is in the middle of “The heat is on” campaign, and then the State of Colorado then passes this bill expecting a warning stating, “WARNING: DO NOT OPEN OR REMOVE SEAL WHILE IN TRANSIT” to stop people from not opening their Dixie cup as long as “A plastic lid complies with this regulation as long as any holes in the lid are sealed securely with tape, no straw is inserted through the lid, and the contents of the cup are not partially removed”. Otherwise they could be charged with 42-4-1305 Open Container.
    The state legislature wonders why they cannot fill all of the empty law enforcement jobs, between the bad ones running the agencies, the lack of adequate pay, and the morons passing these laws and not fixing the broken laws, it is no wonder we are in the plight we are in as a nation.
    The movie Idiocracy was supposed to be satirical comedy that happened 500 years from now, not next week’s news.

    1. Here are just 4 questions that point out how glaringly asinine this new law is.
      1- How hard is it to put the tape back over the straw hole? Is this tamper-proof tape or is it merely masking tape.
      2- Does the restaurants provide the straw for the drink?
      3a- What will signify to the law enforcement officer that the liquid on the container is below the filled line OR if the officer just supposed to guess?
      3b – How can you guarantee quantity so the officer can know when they are conducting a traffic stop? E.G. a 16 ounce cup has 12 ounces of an unknown alcoholic beverage inside and 3 ounces of ice.

      1. Does this mean that McDonalds can now apply for a liquor license and serve a Big Mac with a Medium fry and a Draft beer out the drive-up window?

        1. Well, in my opinion McDonald’s should be able to if they would like – they already do so in 15 countries. Whatever happened to FREEDOM in this country? Less regulation is good for the economy!

          1. So you agree adding an additional law instead of simply removing the open container law was a bad call in judgement? Freedom would be allowing DUI, and DWAI and DEAC to stand on their own legs independently. Freedom would mean that passengers can imbibe in alcoholic beverages in a moving vehicle because they are not doing anything illegal by this action aside from “open container”.

    1. Drinking should be treated like other European countries. Extremely harsh drunk driving penalties – complete loss of license. But also have no open container law while passengers drink.

  2. More ways to fine people for drunk driving, and public intoxication. It’s all about the money boys and girls. Really bad idea. But look who runs the show at the Capitol.

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