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Arsonist starts at least 10 fires Sunday morning in downtown Colorado Springs

041121 arson fire cos

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) - Colorado Springs police said an arsonist set at least 10 different dumpsters on fire in downtown Colorado Springs, early Sunday morning.

According to CSPD, one of their officers noticed a dumpster fire burning in an alleyway behind the businesses at 200 N. Tejon street around 12:40 Sunday morning.

Police said other officers in the downtown area also began finding similar fires burning in nearby alleyways.

Investigators said approximately 10 different dumpsters were set on fire in 10 different downtown locations. The suspect was seen by Colorado Springs firefighters as he was actively trying to set another dumpster fire.

Police arrested the suspect, who they have identified as John Skidmore and charged him with several counts of arson and criminal mischief.

Police said Skidmore admitted to setting the fires but would not explain why. No businesses were damaged in the fire and police said there were no injuries.

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Tom Massmann



  1. Looks like Antifaux and BLM are gearing up for Chauvin’s not guilty verdict.

    1. The violent radical marxist democrat groups BLM and ANTIFA are gearing up to burn down cities. Whether over the Chauvin verdict or over some other drummed up excuse. These are the real active domestic terrorists groups in AMerica never believe the white hating racist marxist democrats or their controlled media’s attmpted diversion to blame “White Supremacists” who are largely non existent boogey men.
      The radical marxist democrats are on a mission to destroy America.

  2. Yes probably right. The goal is to set every city on fire no matter what the verdict is.askd these criminals and the homeless, especially the young ones, how long they’ve lived in ElPaso County, and where the moved here from. Why have the come? Are they escaping the failed liberal cities?

  3. Definitely can see that it is those LoserTrump insurrectionists out there trying to destroy the city.
    See how dumb you sound?

  4. We need to change all Arson related charges to something ridiculously strict. Every time one of these folks, mentally ill or not, set these fires..they ignore the potential for death or simply don’t care and welcome it. It should be life in prison or life in a mental facility with zero chance of release. An arsonist destroys, terrorizes communities and murderers. Nothing else.

  5. “The prototypical firefighter arsonist is a white male aged between 16 and 30; in fact, studies differ on the ratios but as many as 60-80% of arsonists fit that demographic, making it significant.”,that%20demographic%2C%20making%20it%20significant.
    Perhaps we should look at what has the highest percentage of existing first, then, after that is exhausted then we can start investigating the more outlandish possibilities.

  6. Approximately 61 Percent Of the US non Hispanic population is considered white, add on Hispanics and it jumps to 77 percent. Therefore the chances of those commiting arson, robbery, murder, is that they are white. The homeless population stats are probably similar. Mental illness however, knows no color.

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