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More Coloradans plan to buy real Christmas trees amid pandemic

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) - According to the Associated Press, the real Christmas tree industry is seeing more Americans flocking to real-cut trees this season.

Manager of Tittel's Christmas Trees in Colorado Springs, Andy Montoya, agrees. He says, "I’ve had quite a few yesterday who said, they normally go with an artificial tree, but this year they want a real tree."

The real Christmas tree industry believes that more people are buying fresh-cut evergreens this season as a bright spot amid the pandemic.

Montoya suggests the uptick could be due in part to people also needing to get out of the houses, adding, "They just tell me, we come in because we need to get out of the house, so we’re looking for something exciting to do, so we’re looking for a Christmas tree."

With many cancelled festivals, parades and events, more families will be home this year, driving the uptick in interest for real Christmas trees this season.

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Kerjan Bianca

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  1. I think people in general are pretty fed up with the “you can’t” rules and are more than ready for some essentially happy atmospheric things. Christmas lights began going up Thanksgiving Day and continue to go up each day. Christmas lights are pretty and cheery, as is most of the music for the season. Fed up people are looking for something positive to bring into their lives, even if it’s a real christmas tree and christmas lights to bring them cheer.

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