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Colorado Springs hair salon gives free haircuts to first responders, raises money for tactical ballistic vests


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- A Colorado Springs hair salon, Day Lily Salon and Spa, is donating free haircuts to first responders. Niki Cicak, owner of the salon, has also raised over $5,000 to outfit Colorado Springs firefighters at Station 14 with tactical ballistic vests.

“I well up sometimes because I know what they go through," Cicak said. "They have been so amazing. We have gotten to know so many of them on a more personal level than you would normally get to, because we’re in here chatting and telling stories and stuff. So they’ve been phenomenal."

The salon owner says she's been inspired to help our first responders after her salon nearly burned down two years ago. CSFD responded quickly to the situation, saving her salon. Since then, Cicak has been committed to donating to the Fire Foundation of Colorado Springs and other organizations.

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  1. Good to see someone appreciate what our first responders do, and doing something to help repay them.

  2. “I just well up at the job they voluntarily do and that doesn’t even meet the top 12 most dangerous jobs” – another privileged boot licker. Also, LAWL at the idea of fire fighters needing tactical vests. Only in mental illness riddled, tragic, flag drooling America.

  3. Isn’t it sad that with everything going on our firefighters now find it necessary to wear bullet proof vests? So sad.

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