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Several CSPD officers take a knee with protesters in solidarity on third day of demonstrations

cspd joins protesters Cropped

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- After a raucous weekend that saw peaceful protests and some that took violent turns at times, organizers in downtown Colorado Springs said their intention Monday morning was to demonstrate safely in support of reforms after the death of George Floyd.

To that point, at least three CSPD officers joined the protesters in solidarity, taking a knee just outside of City Hall Monday morning.

"That's my main goal is that we get people's stories for the world to see, that it is everywhere," Larry Black told KRDO. "We're just tired of unjust killing and unjust deaths."

"We wanted to make sure we came out here today to make sure they know we truly do care," said one CSPD officer. "I get a little emotional because it means so much to me that people see who we are behind the badge. We really do love this community."

The protests remained non-confrontational as the group moved through downtown toward the police operations center, which was a different scene from the weekend. On Saturday, several people threw rocks through windows and vandalized areas downtown -- police responded with orders to disperse and used tear gas.

The protests on Sunday were more calm, though demonstrators lingered outside of the police operations center until late into the night.

"We just want everyone to know we can get this done peacefully; the officers are also willing to do this peacefully," said Ashton Doss, one of the protesters in attendance Monday.

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    1. It is my right to kneel in front of an American flag if I so choose- freedom of speech.

      1. Freedom of speech? When did your knee replace your mouth? Speech is what you say or write, not what you do. However, you’re free to kneel too, it’s just not speech.

        1. The Court interprets freedom of speech to mean both words and actions, such as burning the American flag. The Court ruled that it was protected free speech.

  1. Instead of getting down on one knee, we need to get down on both knees in prayer for our country.

  2. I have lots of trust, respect and support for all our men and women in law enforcement but where was the Chief last night? Totally missed it by sending in one of his Seargents. Very much cowardash. He is a failed chief if he cant stand up in front but send a messenger! That was sad. In my mind he needs to retire, step aside and let someone be a real Leader….something he is not.

  3. If Trump thinks that Police and Military will open fire on protesters as he’s called for, he is sadly mistaken. Nobody is going to harm neighbors, friends and family members for Trumps ego.

  4. So these’protesters’ have gotten some police officers to knee or kneel with them; now back off the Rhetorics, especially the FALSE ones.

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