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Denver organizer sits out Monday’s protests after harrowing discovery on Google

tay anderson twitter google
Photos from Tay Anderson's Twitter account.

DENVER (KRDO) -- Tay Anderson is a Denver School Board member who has been seen prominently leading peaceful marches and organizing during protests in Denver in response to the killing of George Floyd -- but Anderson won't be taking part in Monday's protest because of a series of threats he found by "Googling" his name.

Anderson wrote on Twitter Monday afternoon that he found Google searches related to his name that indicate he may be a target for violent acts.

"There have been a series of Google searches that have been uncovered that potentially make me a target, and I refuse to put anyone at risk," Anderson wrote.

If you search "Tay Anderson" on Google, you find legitimate results for web pages associated with him. However, at the bottom of the web page where you can see related searches, Google shows that people have been searching for "Tay Anderson shot" and "Tay Anderson shot in back of head."

Anderson has expressed his frustration with the few protesters in Denver who have turned violent. He told our partners at 9News this weekend, "We want people to understand that this movement is about bringing justice to George Floyd's death, not about destroying the city."

Floyd was killed after a Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, held him down with a knee on his neck for nearly 10 minutes. Chauvin has since been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.

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  1. Coward.

    What is he afraid of?
    Trying to stoke fear of some made up Right Wing Conspiracy.

    Google searched my name and it says I have been to the moon and shot in the civil war…..

  2. Pussy!!!! You started this mess….take a cup of man the F up and get out there

    1. No, Derek Chauvin started this mess by committing murder. Hopefully, he will man the F up and plead guilty. Chauvin should be executed or at the very least spend the rest of his life in prison among the general population. I hear that is a great situation for a cop.

      1. Your local university and media say otherwise. Derek was the “last straw on the camels back.” “The 400 years of “systemic” racism. Well that’s not true at all. Today looks much different than 400 years ago, than 1876, than 1964. I don’t think America has increased in oppression since those milestone dates. America was actually one country that had slaves and in a few hundred years concluded that it was wrong and abolished it. Show me one other country that did it that quickly.

  3. 400 years and where is the black family? This so called black community they had 400 years to develop.
    Torn apart by the Democratic Party who believes they own their votes.
    But then again, look at Africa. Look how far behind they are and that is where they claim civilization staters!!!!!
    Free cheesecake and looting is not going to bring the community together.
    Reparations? That will cover the damages caused by this tragedy. The investigation has not even begun and they already want a result, not justice.

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