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Royal Gorge Bridge flies Zamundan flag for ‘Coming 2 America’ promotion

Royal Gorge Bridge + Coming2America
Photo: Amazon

ROYAL GORGE BRIDGE PARK, Colo. (KRDO) -- No, the Royal Gorge hasn't been annexed by a fictional African country, but yes, that is a giant rendition of Eddie Murphy's face hanging from the Royal Gorge Bridge.

A flag for the fictional country of Zamunda was placed at the Royal Gorge Bridge, and it's officially the biggest flag ever flown from the highest suspension bridge in America.

It's part of a promotion for Coming 2 America, Amazon's sequel to Eddie Murphy's popular comedy made in 1988. It makes sense for the Royal Gorge, considering Murphy's character Akeem is the head of Zamundan royalty.

The bridge, which soars above the Arkansas River in Fremont County, is waving the flag for one day only on Friday to promote the release of the film's sequel. You can watch the movie on Amazon Prime Video.

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