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Yoder man stops fire from spreading to propane tank using farming equipment


YODER, Colo. (KRDO) -- A man in Yoder fought a barn fire Wednesday with farming equipment to prevent the flames from spreading to a nearby 1,000-pound propane tank.

Steve Perry says he was working on his land when his brother came yelling, saying their barn was on fire. Perry says his first thought was the tank of propane just 50 feet from the flames.

While his brother went to get help, Perry hopped onto his tractor and plowed the fire away from the tank, saying there was no time to spare.

"Well, we have terrible phone service out here with cell," explained Perry. "My brother had to take my van and run down about 7 miles to make a 9-1-1 call. And all that time I was running with the backhoe trying to push it away from the house and the barn."

Fire officials got there shortly after his brother's phone call. No one was hurt during the barn fire.

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  1. Farmers generally have a lot of common sense when it come to handling emergencies. They’re used to being independent and looking after themselves. While his solution was clearly somewhat risky, it was obviously also successful.

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