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State reactivates Crisis Standards of Care for Emergency Medical Services

COLORADO (KRDO) -- Friday, the Chief Medical Officer at the Colorado Department of Health and Environment reactivated Crisis Standards of care for Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Through this activation, emergency dispatchers and ambulance crews will get help prioritizing calls and determining the best course of action for medical care. The guidance includes:

  • Interacting with potentially infectious patients
  • Maximize care for multiple patients with limited staff and emergency vehicles
  • Determine what kind of treatment to provide, such as whether and where a patient should be transported for further care, if deemed necessary

According to the CDPHE, this is in response to the high demands of patient transports with many EMS staff out ill throughout the state.

At this time, the state has not activated crisis standards of care for hospital and acute care facilities, hospital care providers, specialty patient populations, or personal protective equipment.

The last time the Crisis Standards of Care for Emergency Medical Services was April 2020.




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  2. No one with Covid that remains unvaccinated should be cared for in the hospital. They should just stay home, take Ivermectin, and inject some bleach. It will all be fine then. Hospitals should be allowed to refuse to treat the unvaccinated for Covid, most will be fine and the rest chose their fate.

    1. oh yes and don’t admit anyone who smokes, or especially is FAT.
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    2. So I guess we will also deny medical care to anyone who smoke, drinks, is overweight, eats fastfood, etc.?

    3. Advocating for discrimination. There is a solution to today’s problems. Lets force people to do what they don’t want to with the threat of being a lower citizen who can’t access medical care. Huh….. who else did that? Germany in the 1940’s.
      Why not stop there?!? What else should we force people into just because we think it is right for society. Forced sterilizations for people who should not have kids? If they don’t we can tell them they have to have that baby at home at their own risk…..

    4. Lol. You really hit a nerve, misguided. Just listen to the hit dogs howl. “You can’t make me protect myself!”
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