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If approved, third recreational pot shop could lead to more tax transparency in Manitou Springs


MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO)-- Ballots have been mailed out in the city of Manitou Springs for a special election on Jan. 18, 2022. In the election, voters will decide whether or not to pass Ordinance No. 1121, essentially, whether to allow a third recreational marijuana shop in town.

Renze Waddington wants to bring his pot shop Epic Remedy, to the city. He has three locations in El Paso County, all of them medical. He'd like to open a recreational shop off Hwy 24, near Higginbotham Flats.


"I'm not really sure why the city council and the mayor of Manitou Springs do not want a third recreational store," Waddington said. "I feel the third store would be good for the city of Manitou Springs. I feel that they have done a lot of good with the tax revenue that they have collected from the two stores, and the third store would bring more revenue.

Mayor John Graham and the city council, however, have made it clear, they don't want him or any other recreational stores in the city.

Tuesday night, the Manitou Springs City Council met and passed a resolution, encouraging residents to vote no on the ballot question in favor of a third shop.

In the resolution, the council says it's about honoring voters, who have already spoken on this matter in a past election, but the arrival of an additional shop would also bring an interesting change to how marijuana tax revenue is reported to the public.  

The resolution passed Tuesday says electors spoke in 2014, voting they only want to have two recreational stores.

A Colorado statute says regulators only need to release sales tax information if a city has three or more vendors. The addition of Waddington's store would mean having to publicly disclose how much marijuana tax revenue is flowing into Manitou Springs.

"I feel like we all want more transparency with government," Waddington said.

When Manitou Springs voters have their ballots counted on next week, he's hoping they'll want his business and his promise of more competitive pricing, for the area.

"From what I understand, the locals feel like they're being gouged."

For information on the 2022 Special Election, click here.

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Spencer Soicher

Spencer is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about him here.



  1. Interesting rules. All I have to say is watch what you wish for and I hope your new vendor sources responsibly. ABV (Adolphus Busch), Pure Greens and Vision Quest grows have destroyed our home of 40 years in $alida with 24/7 365 noise, lights and stench. No grow establishment should ever be allowed beside homes as in our corrupted county and no ethical new shop would use the EPA superfund site weed regardless of it’s harm of residents for the profit of a pack of Texans and others. In our case the noise will cause my death due to seizures from the loss of sleep and worse, these growers don’t care. One from Vision Quest stated that she hopes I die as she is licensed to cause my death. Ethics and proper laws are lacking. No Colorado homeowner or resident should be sacrificed for the greed of weed. My parents always told me it would kill me, but this is ridiculous. Beware who and what you support. These are not happy hippies growing for these shops. These are cut-throat profiteers who do not care at all for your community.

    1. If you are referring to Suthers, then I concur. His fear tactic stating We’ll lose the military contracts for the bases… yeah right, pull the other one. Just because his personal beliefs disagree is not a valid reason to chop the cities access to this revenue. If only we had politicians that let the will of the people be heard without distorting it with their personal prejudices.

  2. So Manitou is rolling in tax revenue. What are they doing with it all? How about a homeless shelter to get the out of the street? How about some rehab centers? How about a grocery store? Na, just send em all over to colo spgs.let that town deal with their problems

  3. Meanwhile is Colorado springs…..The citizens are paying thru the nose for utilities and curb repair, driving of streets that would be smoother if they were dirt roads, and all the while King Suthers refuses to hear the will of the people and will not allow a rec pot shop in his kingdom.

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