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IV therapy center offers treatments to help boost immune system


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- A brand new intravenous (IV) therapy center in Colorado Springs, is offering treatments they say will help boost the immune system.

Alive IV Wellness and Health located in the Gold Hill Mesa inside Genesis Medspa says IV therapy will help people as we head into winter.

This type of therapy is administered by a needle and it is aimed to provide immediate hydration, vitamin and mineral absorption to the patient. According to the center, the therapy usually kicks in within 24 hours.

Yetzi Bezzant, one of the founders of Alive IV Wellness and Health, says this type of therapy can be used to treat a variety of issues, like nausea, altitude sickness, and help restore vitamins. Bezzant also said the treatments can alleviate the pain of long-term illnesses such as cancer.

"With the rising of covid, our body, now with the holiday season, with all the stress and running around, it is so hard for us to get the vitamins and most of us are dehydrated so our body doesn't have all it needs to prevent and fight those viruses," said Bezzant.

For fitness enthusiasts, Bezzant says IV therapy can help them receive the nutrients they need to stay energized.

"Getting the proper amount of immunological of vitamins going into our system, in general help us to stay healthy and help our bodies to be able to combat diseases that come down the road, viruses, bacteria," added Dr. Lisa Jenks, the Medical Director for Genesis MedSpa.

I was able to try the therapy out myself, afterwards, I did feel a lot more energized in general. You can find more information on the IV treatments at Alive IV Wellness and health here.

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Jasmine Arenas

Jasmine is an MMJ and Anchor for Telemundo Surco and KRDO NewsChannel 13. Learn more about Jasmine here.



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