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El Paso County health officials say people are reluctant to help with contact tracing


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- El Paso County Health officials say they are finding it more difficult to contact trace for COVID-19 as fewer people are cooperating with health officials' efforts to trace the virus. 

Dr. Robin Johnson - El Paso County’s Health Director - says those that do answer the phone to assist in contact tracing efforts prove to be extremely helpful. Recently, she says many people are actively choosing not to speak with health officials. 

“We need to help to track where the disease is but also we have an opportunity to educate and to potentially connect people to monoclonal antibodies,” said Johnson.  

During a press conference on Friday, Governor Jared Polis urged the people of Colorado to utilize monoclonal antibody treatments if they test positive for the COVID-19 virus. Gov. Polis says the treatment can help keep people out of hospitals.

Earlier this week, Colorado State Epidemiologist Rachel Herlihy said bed availability is at an ‘all-time low’ in the state. Herlihy says there has been a steady spike in COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in the state since August.

“For those that are high risk (monoclonal antibodies) is the only treatment available at this time for COVID,” said Dr. Johnson. “There are a lot of benefits not only for our community and what we are tracing, but potentially for you personally to answer our phones and work with our teams.” 

Dr. Johnson says she is not certain why people are choosing not to answer their phones to assist with contact tracing efforts. She believes pandemic fatigue and misinformation could be playing factors. 

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Dan Beedie

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  1. I don’t answer my phone when it is from someone I don’t know. To easy to spoof numbers. Or maybe people are tired of the whole thing and just want to be left alone

  2. Why are they wasting time and money on this nonsense. I can tell you where the virus is. It’s everywhere.

  3. They are using volunteers who use their own phones, so of course no one is picking up. If the caller ID said the call is from the county health dept I bet more people would pick up. Come on it is not rocket science. Caller ID has been around for decades.

  4. I will never enter my info into ANYTHING Covid related.
    Once your stuff is in that database- they will never leave you alone.
    Especially when its time for your seventh booster in January.

  5. There is not a single identified nor isolated laboratory sample of COVID-19 anywhere on the Earth. There is nothing to contact and nothing to trace. The entire FAKE-PLAN-SCAM-demic is a fraudulent act of terror intended to scare Americans into taking the bio-weapon that is disguised as a vaccine. The quackcine clots your blood and the boosters destroy you immune system. This is genocide.

  6. Because Contact Tracing only leads back to individuals that were vaccinated and Typhoid Marying everyone around them unknowingly. The beginning of this last weekend they ABC News advised that Detroit hospitals are reporting that 30-35% of their patients in the hospital HAVE BEEN VACCINATED. What is the common denominator.

  7. Contact tracing is useless. You have to provide the info for everyone you were in contact with, places you have gone and then it is speculation on if someone was exposed. So they notify everyone who was at Safeway when you were there to pick up groceries +/- 30 min…..
    Plus only people with the tracking app will be notified….. and all of them with that paranoia are vaccinated…..

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