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Pueblo Mayor signs order requiring new city employees receive COVID-19 vaccine


PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- Pueblo Mayor Nick Gradisar issued an order Wednesday requiring all "new" city employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The order says "all appointments of new employees for the City of Pueblo and Pueblo Transit" are required to be fully vaccinated or have a qualifying exemption on the date of hire.

"New employee" is defined as a "person who is not currently an employee" of the city.

Exemptions will be granted to an applicant on the following grounds:

  • A medical condition
  • Religious belief, practice, or observance
  • Proof of a positive COVID-19 IgG antibody test

According to the City of Pueblo, the order became effective Monday, Nov. 10.

Read the full order here.




  1. this guy is a moron, the city had people coming here because there was no vaccine mandate, now he just cut his own throat… Thats what you get when you are running scared, what a looser.

  2. If Pueblo thought their “case count” was high before, just wait until they ignite a whole army of “Covid Marys” because that is what vaccinated people are. Spreading it with no awareness that they are ill. New reporting also says that the percent of patients with Covid in the ICU is now 20% of the bed space.

    1. For someone with a pre-existing condition, you really have surprisingly little knowledge about medical matters.

      1. Something is rotten in Denmark if you keep “vaccinating” people and booster after booster and it’s getting “worse. Tell me what part of that you can’t understand.

  3. Zealot: It is easy to get a government job in Pueblo. Nepotism is alive and well!

    Didn’t they just pay employees a bonus to get vaccinated? Now it is a requirement? I guess they had money burning a hole in their pocket. The mayor and city council need to answer for paying people to get vaccinated. It should be a requirement.

  4. At least there is some sanity. A antibody test gets you away from the shot. About time some common sense was used.

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