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El Paso County Sheriff asks community for help by donating turkeys for Thanksgiving

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) -- The El Paso County Sheriff's Office is asking the community to help the department collect turkeys for family's in need.

The goal is to collect at least 200 turkeys within the next ten days.

According to EPCSO, the turkeys will be donated to the Springs Rescue Mission for Thanksgiving.

The department asks anyone who can, to buy an extra turkey during their next grocery trip.

Turkey's can be dropped off at 1109 South Tejon St.




  1. I remember hearing about when cities were actually communities where local mom and pop grocers would help and @ssist their less fortunate in the community because they knew the majority in the community so there was a personal relationship within the community. Nowadays everything is corporatized and marketed to maximize their profit. The owners of these corporations do not live within the community, they typically don’t even live within the state. They are removed from the community so their corporation doesn’t have to act as a part of every community where their sales hubs are located. If the corporation can’t get a tax write-off for the donation(s) they don’t donate, they would rather simply throw away the product as waste. Corporations are killing communities and the killing of mom and pop businesses. We are no longer a community because we are only working as a cog in the gearbox and are simply replicable, simply because of the way corporations operate.

  2. What do they need donations for? There are no needy or hungry people here. My employer is trying desperately to fill good positions with benefits and can’t get a single applicant. Get those lazy people back to work and stop handing out free stuff. We have to do the job of 2 or 3 people bacause they don’t want to work. Let them starve for a while.

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