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Prop 6-B proponents hope to bring tax equity to the Briargate area

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO)-- In Briargate, 75% of residents are paying 100% of a special property tax in the area. Now, proponents of Proposition 6B hope to change the tax inequity.

A “yes” vote on prop 6B would create a new special improvement district for the area to care for landscaping on common areas, like medians and parks. The passing would generate about $300,000 for the improvements. For people not currently being taxed, they would begin paying roughly $100 a year.

Voting "no" would leave the current special improvement maintenance district in place. The only way the tax inequity can be corrected is by putting it on the ballot.

District Two Colorado Springs City Councilman Randy Helms says he's been working for three years to fix the current setup.

"It actually was developed back in the early '80s, and as homes were built, and subdivisions were built inside of the Briargate community, as time went by, people, the city, and developers let it go," Helms said. "It was probably unintentional."

Colorado Springs Briargate General
Improvement District 2021 - Proposed
District Boundary Map

Prop 6-B would not double tax the 75% of people who are already paying the special improvement district.

"They are not going to be double tax, those in the 75% of homes that are paying their tax rate stays the same. The 4.409 mill levy does not change at all. It's the 25% of the homes that are going to be paying the tax."

Helms believes it's a no-brainer and says he's only heard of one person who was opposed to the proposition.

However, in an odd-year election, there are some concerns the lengthy language on the ballot could scare away voters.

"I could see how it could be an issue as they were reading it from the ballot," District Two voter John Ashley told KRDO.

Still, Helms is convinced it's going to pass and says cleaning up the weeds is worth it even for the people who would now get taxed.

"Their home values depend on the environment around them."

There's a town hall for constituents at the Pikes Peak Library 21-C on Oct. 27 at 6:30 pm.

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Spencer Soicher

Spencer is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about him here.



  1. Tax equity? Now that is rich! This is a tax increase plain and simple. They are not lowering the tax collected from the 75% when adding another 25%…

    1. It’s only a tax increase for those homeowners who should have been paying all along. That is what the tax equity is about. The only question here is why this inequity came about and by whom.

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