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Adams County wants to split from Tri-County Health Department

Tri-County HD

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) -- Adams County wants to split from the Tri-County Health Department (TCHD), announced Tuesday.

According to 9News, the county says its preparing to leave as soon as its legal obligation ends in December 2022.

Adams County is the second county to part ways from the health department - Douglas County being the first.

After the first split, Douglas County created its own health department after protests occurred over the Tri-County COVID-19 mandates.

A public hearing will be held on Oct. 26 to establish a resolution by the county commissioners.

“Douglas County’s decisions left us no choice but to re-evaluate the future of public health services in Adams County,” said Adams County Commissioner and Board Chair Eva Henry in a news release. “As a result, Adams County must determine the best option to move ahead for a health board and services provided to residents.”

Arapahoe officials says it's working on making the transition successful.

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  1. you are about to witness the decline in care and services if this illegal mandate keeps forcing a division between the citizens.
    #BRANDONPLEASEGTFO of healthcare.

    1. Personal Choices, Personal Freedoms are Subject to the Dictates of TYRANTS, not to be considered Given by GOD, as the United States of America was Founded upon!!

  2. So Heavy-handed DICTATES Have Rendered “Tri-County” To County By County. There goes ‘savings’.

    1. A country divided against itself- cannot stand.
      Somewhere in that statement and the uncertainly we are being forced to live in is the goal I believe of a certain elite group of people.
      We need to get rid of Biden(because he is a MULLET and I see that now)
      Fraudchi-whose heart doesn’t match his mouth (double-minded)
      Mitch McGobble-the walking dissenting DEAD

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