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Colorado Springs Mayor Suthers delivers State of the City address


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers has a lot to recap during Friday's State of the City address: economic growth, a rapidly divisive housing market, oh, and a pandemic.

He'll be speaking at a luncheon Friday at The Broadmoor, and answering questions following the address. You can watch below.

We'll update this article with more information following Suthers' speech.

Scott Harrison

Scott is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Scott here.



  1. I love awards ceremonies where they give themselves pats on the back and kudos to themselves. It’s just too bad they actually believe they are doing a good job and have been for years.
    “During a previous address, Suthers was credited with starting the effort toward widening Interstate 25 between Monument and Castle Rock; that project, known as the “Gap Project,” is scheduled for completion next year.
    Suthers also has been successful in getting voters to support the taxpayer-funded 2C expanded street paving program — which voters have extended for a second five-year period — and to approve a fee to fund stormwater infrastructure.”
    All of these have been abysmal projects that actually did not do what they said they were going to accomplish, but hey Mr. Suthers is making the speech about how amazing his projects were, so spin on, the citizens of the community know the truth.

  2. I know this isn’t related to the speech…close enough though. I mean if KRDO has this in the COVID articles…why not post this here?

    For all of you…this link is Bill Gates in 2005…exactly telling about how he will release COVID to the world. Sixteen years ago people!!

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