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Sexual assault charge against UCCS soccer coached dismissed


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- A UCCS soccer coach accused of sexually assaulting a woman in 2015 is no longer facing charges.

David Meyer, 25, was arrested by Colorado Springs Police on Sept. 20 after CSPD said an adult woman reported in August that she was assaulted by Meyer at a Halloween party in 2015.

According to court records, no charges for sexual assault were subsequently filed by the 4th Judicial District Attorney's Office despite the arrest a little more than one week ago. Court records show that the case is closed.

During a court hearing on Thursday, prosecutors said they do not have enough evidence to file charges at this time.

After charges were dismissed in court, the alleged victim spoke to the court about her disappointment with the legal system.

"For six years I struggled to be present with the pain that was inflicted upon me by David Meyer," said the alleged victim. "I do not remember everything that happened to me in that bedroom, but I remember enough to know that David Meyer took my inability to consent as an opportunity to violate me."

Meyer was an assistant soccer coach for the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and a full-time coach with the Pride Soccer Club at the time of his arrest. The 25-year old was let go from his position as an assistant soccer coach at UCCS after his arrest.

KRDO asked a spokesperson with UCCS if Meyers would get his job back, now that no charges were filed. UCCS says they haven't had a chance to digest the new information yet, and they'll notify us of any next steps.

Conor Stewartson, Associate Attorney for the Law Office of Andrew Bryant, represents Meyers. He said that while the case is sealed, Meyer's public perception has been tainted. "Obviously you can’t seal a google search, and that’s our biggest issue. Multiple articles were written about David and five years from now, you pull up his name and people are gonna think the worst when nothing actually happened."

Stewartson adds, "In this case, the right result occurred. He’s not a criminal. David has never committed a sexual crime. He’s a good person, and he’s a leader in the community and he’s ready to get on with his life. I think this has been a very tumultuous week for him and he’s ready to put it behind him."

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    1. Because we no longer have innocence until proven guilty in this country. We have trial by social media. We will never get to hear his side of the story because that could only hurt his legal case should this ever go back to court. Dont get me wrong I am not blaming the victim at all. It is time we should all demand responsible journalism instead of click bait headlines.

  1. guarantee this “supposed” incident was fueled by underage drinking all around. Supposedly this happened in 2015 which makes the accused about 20 years old.
    Not victim-blaming but why wait 5 years? Why was he arrested and put in jail with no evidence other than “she said”? I am a female as well- but I do NOT get this finger-pointing years later. Look how someone tried to fry Cavanaugh.
    I hope he files suit against Cosprings, his former place of employment, and the pointy-fingered one as well. Once someone even infers that type of behaviour, it almost inevitably follows you everywhere.

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