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Vets warn dog owners about flu season

Dog park

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- As flu season approaches for humans, vets are warning dog owners to get their furry friends a flu shot.

In Los Angeles, data shows there are record breaking canine influenza outbreaks, prompting vets to encourage owners to get their dogs vaccinated.

Dogs can show similar symptoms as humans once they catch the flu; watery eyes, sneezing, and nasal mucus. Sometimes dogs can develop pneumonia which could land your pet in the emergency room.

Experts say if your dog doesn't have a flu shot, you should be mindful about where you're taking them. Dog parks and boarding facilities are key places where dogs can get sick.

Like humans, dogs who catch the flu should be isolated from other animals to avoid spreading germs.

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  1. This is a joke right?? Oh, scary part is it’s not and like 50% of the population will run out and get their dog a flu shot. Wtf?

  2. Hell, NO! I Don’t, spouse Doesn’t, and sure as Life Continues, NOT ‘Vaccinating’ our pets for ‘Influenza’!! Having heard in years past of The Flu Inoculations being Only having 16% Effectivecy, WHY Would anyone TRUST ‘vaccinations’ any longer??

  3. I don’t believe they’ve found a cure for stupidity. Some people even have their pets cremated and buried. Down in Kentucky, when it was time, we just loaded up the shotgun and took them for their last walk and then just covered them up with what ever was around, old leaves, branches, bark, etc.

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