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State data shows kids 6-11 are most at risk to contract COVID-19

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO)-- Newly released data from the Colorado Department of Health and Education (CDPHE) shows that young kids are now the most at risk to contract COVID-19.

According to the state, infection rates for children 17 and under have reached the worst levels we've seen yet in the state. In El Paso County, those numbers are also extremely low.

7-day cases per 100,000 among school-aged children by age group

According to CDPHE, El Paso County has the second-highest rate of covid cases in schools of any Colorado county. CDPHE says that aligns with the county's lower vaccination rate.

7-day cases per 100,000 among school-aged children by county

Since school began in the past month or so, a higher percentage of kids have begun to test positive.

Cases per 100,000 among school-aged children by mask policy

Kids between ages six and eleven are now testing positive more frequently than those ages 12 through 17.

State data shows that schools with mask policies are also seeing fewer cases than those without.

Just this week, The Classical Academy, a charter high school under the Academy District 20 umbrella -- was forced to go fully remote.

A school spokesperson confirmed that an outbreak affecting ten students has been traced directly to the school's homecoming dance.

"In our school, we are following all recommendations from the health department, so social distancing is all done within the school," Harris told KRDO. "This was done in a non-traditional classroom and those mandates are not required in those situations.

Some parents are particularly concerned with their child developing MISC -- a rare but serious inflammatory syndrome linked to Covid that can have severe effects on the organs.

Children's Hospital of Colorado says as they continue to see more children testing positive, they will continue to see more MISC cases as well.

Watch the update from Sept. 23 below:

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  1. “State data shows that schools with mask policies are also seeing fewer cases than those without.”
    Well, Duh!
    And yet there are people here who still claim that masks are ineffective. The same people who can’t understand that an unmasked homecoming dance caused a Covid outbreak at TCA.

    1. Fewer is a vague term it could mean 5 less cases. It is the 10% effective factor that has been widely published now by many reputable universities. So if they have 50cases in a non mask place and there is 5 less in a masked area…. There is your “Fewer”. There is also a TON of data that shows that masks can give a false sense of protection and people who are sick who should stay home feel it is ok to go out because they are wearing a mask. I am not anti-mask, but you have to understand they are not the solution. Just like how we are at the same of higher numbers now than we were last year before the shot. Statistically we should be at a fraction if it was as effective as they claim.

      1. Actually a new CDC study out today shows that schools without mask mandates are 3.5 times more likely to have COVID-19 outbreaks than schools that have mask mandates.

    1. It has to do with money. Hospitals and the state can get money from the Fed govt for any covid death. Remember when Colorado had to come out and drop the death rate because there were so many “discrepancies” and it ended up cutting the number in half almost…. Something is not right. They deny data on natural immunity and covid infections/deaths to push and mandate the shot. Is it to pay big pharma..??? They are the biggest winner out of the whole pandemic. Other therapeutics and treatments are begin suppressed. And they wonder why so many people do not trust the govt now. If it was about saving lives then they would be doing in using anything possible to combat the virus, but they are not.

  2. How about the numbers like….. How many kids required hospitalization or any medical care at all. It is close to zero. So much fear mongering in the media.

  3. I strongly urge people to look at the data for themselves. You can go to the El Paso County Health CDC page, click on “data dashboard” and search the interactive slides for yourself. There is a big difference between positivity, hospitalizations, and death. You can see by age who is being hospitalized and who is dying. Of course, we don’t know if those had pre-existing health conditions or are obese, but what you can determine is that the health system is NOT being over-whelmed by 6 to 11 year olds (which this article doesn’t directly state but sure seems to imply that kids are falling down dead or are severely sick). You can look on the outbreak slide and see that, yes, schools have the greatest number of outbreaks, but prisons still hold the record for the greatest number of cases. Elderly still have the greatest number of hospitalizations and death. We knew that positivity would rise once the schools were open because of people being around people inside buildings, but positivity does not equate to everyone dropping down dead. I’ll post the site for El Paso County’s CDC site below.

    1. There ya go with those facts again Laissez. It is amazing people can’t figure this out..pretty darn simple and you even provided the tool. People who don’t check and make impertinent comments just want to keep the false narrative going.

    2. You get a Gold Star for this comment! People need to start using their brains and not just listening to the media. The media makes it sound like the end of the world.

    3. Prisons may have a higher incidence of cases than schools, but they don’t have many kids in there, do they? Let’s use a little common sense, although I know that’s hard for some people.

  4. State data…CDC data…EPCHD data…FDA data…all misleading from the beginning…show me some truth…please!
    Warning! Warning! John Robinson!!! lol

  5. More kids in El paso county are testing positive……..
    We are the most populated county in the state.

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