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Stand Down for Homeless Veterans event helps with vital resources

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo (KRDO)-- On Tuesday morning, homeless veterans lined up for the 23rd annual Stand Down for Homeless Veterans.

One veteran, David, served eight years in the Army and finds himself now living on the streets for a second time. He's one of the more than 300 homeless veterans living in Colorado Springs.

The Stand Down for Homeless Veterans event helps these veterans prepare for the approaching winter months. It connects them to vital services and supplies to help them in their current situation or get out of it.

"A real bright spot for any and all veterans in need," said David. "It’s amazing; we all kind of look forward to it every year wherever it’s at."

The event is put on by a number of organizations and sponsored by the El Paso County Coalition for Homeless veterans.

"The fact that we have homeless veterans is a disgrace to this country. No veteran who has served this country should ever be homeless or without a place to lay their head, but for those who are connecting them with these services, trying at least help them to help themselves out of this situation, or the very least keeping them from dying in the wintertime because they’re cold or hungry to not able to protect themselves is extremely important," said Ben Wess with the El Paso County Homeless Coalition.

For additional information, you can head to the coalition's website.

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