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El Paso County COVID numbers worse than this time last year


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- According to El Paso County health officials, the positivity rate for COVID testing is ticking up and reaching higher levels than seen at the same time last year.

Looking at the public health data and analytics for COVID-19 testing in El Paso County, this time last year the average positivity rate stood at 2.45 percent. The positivity rate stands at 9.22 percent as of Wednesday, and it's climbing. Just in the last two weeks, the positivity rate increased by 1.14 percent.

According to hospitalization data, on September 14, 2020, there were 17 confirmed COVID cases severe enough to be hospitalized on Sept. 14, 2020 -- as of Tuesday, there were 141 total COVID cases in area hospitals.

Watch KRDO NewsChannel 13 this evening to hear from El Paso County Health officials on where we are headed in the fight against COVID-19, and what local officials plan to do to mitigate the spread.

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  1. Wasn’t the main tracking about the severity of this virus being tracked by the number of deaths / mortality rate, moreover than the number of those that went and got tested and were found positive? I know the government reported they no longer advise the patient the test results any longer, that the tests just go to create more statistics, but is this really an apples to apples comparison?
    Or are we supposed to not be smart enough to observe these facts and just follow the sheep herd / lemmings?

    1. You misunderstood some previously reported information – granted, it was poorly presented in the applicable news articles. The government (i.e., the State Health officials as well as EPCDH) are NOT withholding test results from patients. Patients are being informed when they test positive for COVID-19. What they don’t receive is what variant they have been infected with (not that the variant matters to the patient once sick).

    1. And despite his attempt to intervene, it was developed as soon as science permitted it to be developed. One of many scientific things he never understood is that some things simply cannot be sped up, even if he ordered it to happen.

      1. so true so true.
        My mother used to tell me”
        “Wish in one hand and S hi t in the other and see which fills up faster”
        I would never get tested, only if I was obviously symptomatic-that gets your name in a registry and I bet the hounding starts right there for anyone who did not take the shot
        Cases are nothing but positive nose swabs. To me, a “case” is serious hospitalization and/or death. Not a positive booger swab. EVERYONE is breathing this air. It’s highly likely many people who are not at all sick will test positive. That just means they have been EXPOSED-nothing else. They are trying to keep us fearful spinning indecisive or bullied into taking a shot they should not take. Quarantining people for two weeks for nothing. I cannot “afford” to take the “test”.I have Dr’s appoints -at least 5-6 a month for tests, chemo, etc. I can not afford to miss my treatments. I am not sick I stay at home ALL the time, and always wear a mask when I go somewhere, even just to get gas (and no-I do not wear it while I am driving!).Imagine if I had one of those fake bogus results. It would be devastating to my health if I could not go to treatment or get my testings over a now disregarded testing method PCR. After 12/31/21 the government is even dropping PCR because even they admit its a flawed testing method. WHen KRDO put up the question of the day the other day, the question was”Do you know anyone who got covid after being fully vaccinated”? and the answers were appalling-almost all had NOTABLE injury of some kind-many of which are still unresolved, as well as people reporting about people they knew who got covid after vacc and still D I E D.All the comments were so disheartening because the government refuses to take this seriously. They are playing games with our lives here. NOW the UK IS doing research into why women’s menstrual cycles are abnormal after “vaccination”. Soo now they are admitting”yes there is an issue here”.What about the young men who develop serious cardio issues ?? They are already stating OH NO BIG DEAL. What if that was your boy? Still, brush it off?

      2. There is nothing “scientific” about this Check. People casually use the word to keep the narrative going. Blast away…I can’t wait. I was hoping you disappeared for a while…dang too bad!

  2. Funny how the numbers are worse than last year when we didn’t have the shot. So now with 67% vaccinated we are still at the same numbers. The laws of statistics say if the shot was effective the numbers should be significantly less. Also people with natural immunity would drop that also. You can’t say it is just because of the unvaccinated. That no longer is valid by these numbers.

    1. Cuz the Delta variant is worse than the original virus, and the next variants will be worse and more resistant still. That’s how viruses work. Everyone has to get a vaccine ( minimum 70%) for it to work. Otherwise the virus keeps mutating in order to survive. (That’s why 0% of kids without MMR vaccinations are allowed in schools.) We haven’t even achieved 70% yet, so it’s kind of a losing game at this point.

      1. Not everyone needs the vaccine. Natural immunity of people who already had COVID is far better than the shot. Also did you see where Moderna came out and said that now with long term data that after 8+ months people who had their shot are twice as likely to get covid than others…… hmmm

    2. Kids where at remote learning or undergoibg cohort in school. This time around the incompetent school administrators opened the doors wide and refuse to follow any precautions. That along with the high infectious rate of the delta variant has spiraled the numbers out of control. Thank the ones you trust to keep your children safe. They fail in just about every area. Have them fired and give to job to qualified people. Spend some time and check into how these administrators are hired. If it wasn’t so sad how it effects your kids it would make a good George Carlin skid.

  3. Does these number include the hospitalized COVID cases that were imported to this area from other states and counties? Kansas has been sending many patients for a long time now in the Centura heath system. So The hospitalized numbers are not correct for just El Paso county.

  4. Since the virus doesn’t seem to affect everyone, why not concentrate their efforts on the ones it does affect and find out why instead of vaccinating the entire planet. Is it their health condition, like lack of exercise, diets they eat or do they smoke or drink? Are they couch potatoes? etc? etc? They never give out this basic data, just general statements like they were healthy. Well, they may appear to be healthy, but maybe not so, if they don’t take care of their bodies with proper diet and exercise. Eating a proper diet and exercise is the basics of living a long life.

      1. You should change your moniker to RealityCheckNaysayer. Doom and gloom…too late…oh my…keep the narrative going Check. It’s your job! Show us your death knell numbers if you can…numbers of cases…number of deaths related to those deaths. Number of PCR tests that are not even correct…never have been. That’s how this whole thing got started. This test cannot be trusted and you KNOW it. Nice try

  5. ight

    whatever geno type of person the makes up this comment section is a breed of junk head that makes me want to leave colorado. couldn’t care any less about starting a family. how much money i make. or if i get married. i just want out of this overrated crack den nest of a state. the only good to come out of how the media keeps adding fuel to these crack head conspiracies is that more and more people just aren’t working retail or fast food. maybe those lines of employment will go through some changes. probably wont though. i hate you all and keep up this unhinged behavior and your kids are never going to call

    who are we kidding. they already don’t want anything to do with you

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