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Formers VillaSport childcare employee convicted of sexually assaulting kids evades future jail time


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- A former VillaSport employee, who molested two girls and attempted to sexually assault two others, has been handed down a sentence Wednesday for 20 years to life of intense supervised probation.

Callins will avoid any future jail time. He was charged to 90 days in prison, which he had already served awaiting trial. The judge credited him for time served.

In 2019, the VillaSport employee was charged with sexually assaulting two 7-year-olds at “VillaKids,” a childcare program through VillaSport Club and Spa.

The former VillaKids employee, 23-year-old Ryan Callins, was arrested after a woman reported she overheard her daughters saying Callins asked them to touch him inappropriately.

According to court documents, Callins assaulted the two girls under a small play gym ramp at the facility. The girls later picked Callins out of a lineup saying that’s “the man who did bad things to me.”

VillaSports took months to notify parents about the alleged abuse, before eventually posting about the matter on Facebook.

In a second statement later posted to Facebook, VillaSport said, “given the circumstances at the time, we believed we were doing the right thing by maintaining confidentiality as directed by CSPD… it’s clear that many of you feel we let you down and eroded your trust in us.”

Callins has no prior criminal record. He stopped working at Villakids in November 2019.

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Kerjan Bianca

Kerjan is the weekend morning anchor and reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Kerjan here



  1. Another criminal getting off easy.
    And we wonder why crime is skyrocketing around the country.

  2. Calling all child predators and rapists! Colorado has and WILL welcome you with open arms, no offense is too severe and no criminal record is too damning! If you are a predator or a rapist you are welcome in Colorado! This ridiculous state does NOT care about children or ANY of its law abiding and sane citizens. This is a horrendous place to raise your children as they put our little ones at unbelievable risks by letting “people” like this roam free! What kind of a world blames a child and protects the predator? I was abused by my father in this God forsaken state and because it was here he was NEVER faulted and my mother and I had to move in the middle of the night and hide from him until his death when I was seventeen. In addition to this already horrific story, news outlets in Colorado actually defended my father and said that my mother was alienating me from him, I was very well aware of what I was going through. Colorado is a haven for predators!

  3. and my old pastor used to always say:
    Where do you find all the pedos?
    Where the kids are-of course !!

    Stay alert.

  4. Wow, who was the judge? No jail time except 90 days. What a miscarriage of justice.meanwhile those kids are affected for life.

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