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Five victims injured Friday night in two separate shootings near Citadel Mall in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Police said that three teenagers were among five people shot around 9 p.m. Friday at or near the Citadel Mall just off Academy Boulevard.

Police described their injuries as serious, but not life-threatening.

Officers responded to a call of gunfire at a carnival in the mall parking lot. Two juveniles were taken a local hospital, and a third juvenile was transported to a hospital by a relative.

Police said that apparently, the shooting happened during a disturbance between two groups of people who knew each other.

A witness told KRDO that the shooting happened near the front entrance of the carnival.

"I was close to it," she said. "I saw and heard it, and then everybody ran. We knocked down a fence to get away from there. I'm still in shock. I just moved here from Kansas and you don't expect something like this."

Police sealed off streets entering and bordering the mall, and interviewed other witnesses. The scene remained active after midnight. Fireworks were going off not far from the scene, adding to the hectic atmosphere.

The carnival was scheduled to close at 11 p.m. but shut down immediately after the shooting.

Less than an hour later, officers responded to another shooting -- just a block away in the parking lot of the Boston Market restaurant near the intersection of Academy Boulevard and Galley Road.

Police determined that a suspect fired shots after confronting three people in a parked car. Bullets hit two of the people inside, and the third person drove the victims to a hospital.

Police said that they don't know if the shootings are connected, but likely are isolated incidents and there is no immediate threat to the public.

No other details about the shootings have been released. Anyone who has information or was a witness to either of these incidents, please call the CSPD at 719-444-7000.

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  1. My friend wanted to go to the carnival. I told them I would not go to a carnival at the Citadel, way to many problems there.

  2. “Fireworks were going off not far from the scene, adding to the hectic atmosphere.”

    my my- Cosprings just gets more ghetto and law-breaking every day.

  3. Witness says you don’t expect something like this. I do, that is why I would not go to that carnival. Police say isolated incidents and no danger to public. Bull. You have people out there thinking it is ok to shoot people over an argument. Who knows who they shoot next because they get mad at them.

  4. What!!??? A shooting at the Shitadel? The last time I was there, one of the many alternative schools housed in this dump were on break. Students were all outside smoking. When I left, a fight had broken out and the police had two kids separated with bloody faces.
    Anyone who sets foot in or near that place, regardless of the time of day, is at risk of being shot, robbed, or seeing something illegal happening…
    Time to knock it down.

  5. The number of shootings has already exceeded expectations for the weekend of Juneteenth celebrations in ColoFornia Springs.
    As time goes on with Biden the demented fraud puppet and the radical Marxist Democrats who now occupy our government America has become increasingly violent.

  6. Never used to have these problems here. Colorado Springs used to be such a nice place to live. And you wonder why us natives dont like all you Californians moving here. You destroyed your state and now, shamefully, you are destroying Colorado.

  7. It is not the fault of a carnival or the Citadel Mall. Those do not cause crime. Why would you suggest the mall get torn down? How stupid. The criminals still live around there whether there is a mall or not. It is the low-life’s, ghetto people who cause the crime. If COS instituted the Stop and Frisk practice that would solve a lot of this crime.

    1. While stop and frisk worked in NY and a judge ruled it legal it still appears to be an illegal police activity. They are are stopping and frisking you based simply on how you look, that is profiling and usually police need a reason to stop and search someone

    1. Yes, let’s blame the white supremacists. Let’s not place the blame where it truly lies. If you look at crime statistics, democrat run cities and states lead the way in violent crime. Before Colorado turned to a bleeding heart blue state, we had very, very low crime. The fault is with democrats. Go back to california

      1. @pipe Yeah its democracy…yeah that’s it freedom, yeah freedom is to blame….do you even hear the words coming out of your mouth?????

  8. BLM don’t matter when minorities hunt minorities. Happy Black People Day. Sure all the white supremist out there are thanking you for doing their jobs for them.

  9. Ever since democrats took office crime has skyrocketed, EVERY morning we wake up to not one but several shootings, when is enough enough, GET RID OF DEMOCRATS

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