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Colorado Senate set to vote on marijuana bill that will implement strict regulations

DENVER, Colo. (KRDO) -- Colorado lawmakers are getting ready to vote on a bill that would limit teenagers' access to high-potency THC products, like wax and vape pens.

House Bill 1317 passed unanimously in the House Public & Behavioral Health & Human Services Committee in late May.

If passed by the Senate, the bill would create more restrictions for medical marijuana users between 18 and 20-years-old. People in that age range would only be able to purchase in one day 2 grams.

The bill would also tighten standards to qualify for a medical card and enforce a tighter limit on daily purchases for those older than 20, who would only be able to purchase in one day 8 grams.

Those in favor of HB1317 say it will prevent the strong doses of marijuana from getting to teens. At a press conference, many speakers of the bill say marijuana concentrates are creating problems for high school students who are getting their hands on it.

Republican Senator Paul Lundeen of the Ninth District says there have been cases of teenagers having psychotic breaks who have taken high potency marijuana.

However, those against the bill say it puts local dispensaries at an unfair advantage to run their business. Local dispensaries say changing the number of grams people can purchase will change the number of containers required to hold the products. Saying the cost will be passed down to customers.

For more information on HB1317, click here.

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  1. Me thinks our not so sincere politicians have been bought by big pharma and big alcohol to cut into the thriving marijuana business that has cut into their sales.
    As usual they pull out the “for the children” card to promote acceptance of this cockamani bill. The black market will fill the void left if availability of MJ products is interfered with. The children will go back to buying black market products like The vape cartridges that destroyed the lungs of many children and killed some.
    You see they do not really care about the children they are just looking out for the lobbyist dollars that support them. Constantly using children to legitimize their nefarious actions I consider a form of child abuse.

  2. this bill-if it passes will mean that if you want a gram of concentrates-it will be dispensed to you as 10 1/10th of a gram package.
    There are other parts to this legislation- but this particular point is sooo senseless..

    I only use flower.I don’t really know what medical use there is for concentrates.
    I always thought they were more recreational than any other use.

    1. All MJ products whether they be flower, concentrates, or edibles are used both therapeutically and recreationally.
      Because of the big dollars that politicians receive from Big alcohol lobbyists you will never see them push a bill that says whiskey must be sold in only 1 oz containers instead of larger containers. Think about it.

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