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Teller County Sheriff: ‘Your gun rights will not be taken away’

TELLER COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) -- Teller County Sheriff Jason Mikesell made an early morning post on his office's Facebook page pledging to uphold the Second Amendment.

Mikesell says the post is aimed at making sure Teller County residents understand that both the United States and Colorado constitution will guide how his deputies enforce gun laws.

"Each time we take a rung off that ladder of people's individual rights and freedoms, I think that makes it easier later on for someone to challenge what the Second Amendment meant," said the sheriff.

Mikesell says he has concerns about Colorado's new Safe Storage of Firearms Law.

"How am I going to enforce it?," questioned Teller County Sheriff Mikesell. "There is not enforceability with this law. It means something has had to occur for us to charge somebody, which is already after the fact, and it's usually a tragic incident at that point."

The law, recently signed by the governor, requires firearms to be stored when they are not in use to prevent children and other unauthorized gun users from getting access to them.

"I think they need to step outside the Denver metro area and maybe have discussions with law enforcement first instead of going straight through the legislature," said Mikesell.

In the wake of the Boulder mass shooting at a King Soopers, Colorado lawmakers have passed gun measures.

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Chelsea Brentzel

Chelsea is an investigative reporter for KRDO NewsChannel 13. Learn more about Chelsea here.



  1. Here he goes again…breaking the law and enforcing his own brand of justice. tell me this how are we supposed to stop all the gun violence toward the public when these people refuse to help and are actually counterproductive to the end result?

    1. “Gun violence?” No such thing. I’ve never met a violent gun in my life. On the other hand, we have a lot of violent criminals. Unfortunately, the left keeps writing legislation to attack guns, and writing nothing to go after criminals. Look at all the legislation passed recently here in Colorado. Felony murder has had the sentencing reduced. Bail reform so it’s easier to get out. Etc. etc. etc. Same with these “red flag” laws. If someone is that unstable, that you think we should take their guns, why don’t we take the unstable person, and get them some help, instead of leaving them out there on the street? Why???

  2. I love living in Teller County!! I shouldn’t have to live in fear, especially in a small county with a lower population all because of an event that happened in a more populated location and outside of my control…

  3. “It’s unclear exactly what prompted Sheriff Mikesell to make the post on Tuesday.”

    Maybe the Sheriff is representing the proper 249,999 gun owners out of every 250,000 gun owners.

    Should we remove all vehicles from the roads due to drunk drivers? Outlaw alcohol? Ban fried foods and sugars? Daily curfew after 8PM? Or wait for the criminals to turn in their guns?

  4. A sheriff that supports the Constitution has all the America hating radical Marxist Democrats heads exploding.
    A armed population makes it difficult for the criminal radical Marxist Democrats and Biden the demented fraud puppet who now occupy our government to destroy america.

  5. A bit frightening, I must say, when a law enforcement leader comes out and insists he will not violate your Constitutional Rights, and a certain part of our political spectrum is upset by that.

  6. It’s very simple. Only law abiding citizens will follow the laws, so what good comes from adding additional gun laws; especially when the last 4 words of the 2nd Amendment state “Shall not be infringed”.
    Title 2 – Legislative
    Statutes – Construction and Revision
    Article 4 – Construction of Statutes
    Part 4 – Definitions
    § 2-4-401. Definitions
    (13.7) (a) “Shall” means that a person has a duty.
    (b) This subsection (13.7):
    (I) Is not intended to alter the interpretation of a statute enacted before August 7, 2013; and

  7. People soon forget the real world incidents where a armed citizen stopped a horrific event, Saved many lives. Saved their own life from a criminal.
    The old saying still will always hold true. “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” A criminal never stops and thinks…… “Oh man I am not going to use a gun to rob this store because it is illegal and I could get in trouble for it…”
    Responsible gun owners(which is 95% of them) are actually a benefit to the community. If criminals know that many people could be armed and if they pull an gun they could have one pulled right back on them and shot…. That is a better deterrent for crime than legislation can ever do…..

  8. If it is acceptable that some sheriffs can ignore immigration laws it is perfectly reasonable to assume that others can and will ignore other laws.

  9. Bravo for Sheriff Mikesell. Communist politicians like Biden and Polis think the Constitution is just an old piece of toilet paper, and all they have to do to change/eliminate it is issue an “executive order” or pass new “legislation”. The Constitution is the law of the land, and those are God given RIGHTS, not “privileges” granted by politicians. The Democrat’s never-ending quest for “gun control” is not about guns…it’s about control; i.e. disarming the American people and leaving them defenseless against crime, Antifa/BLM riots, social engineering, or tyrannical government like Biden & Co. hell bent on imposing Marxism on us.

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