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COVID-19 cases rising in El Paso County

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- COVID-19 cases are on the rise in El Paso County as elected leaders push to reopen businesses and schools.

El Paso County currently has a COVID-19 positivity rate of 7.45%. The World Health Organization recommends communities have a positivity rate of 5% or lower before loosening restrictions.

In March, El Paso County commissioners passed a proclamation requesting that businesses and schools fully reopen, and all other pandemic restrictions be lifted immediately.

El Paso County's current incidence rate on a seven-day average is 204.6. That means that on average 204 people per 100,000 have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last seven days.

To move to the next level of looser restrictions under Colorado's color dial system, El Paso County would need an incidence rate of 36 to 100 cases per 100,000 people over a seven-day period.

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Chelsea Brentzel

Chelsea is an investigative reporter for KRDO NewsChannel 13. Learn more about Chelsea here.



  1. “COVID-19 cases are on the rise in El Paso County as elected leaders push to reopen businesses and schools.”
    The County Commissioners are not following the science, but are trying to trump it (pun intended). No one in their right mind should be attempting to increase the risk in their jurisdiction while infection rates are increasing. We’d all like to see businesses reopen, but not when it’s likely to increase the risk to the lives of those running and subscribing to those businesses.

    1. My kids school and never closed and they have been all in person. No problems at all. Kids are not at risk and school is very safe. This is being proven by all the private and charter school that never closed or went to remote learning. Look up that data. That is what the county is looking at.
      I trust nothing the WHO says. Especially when they said originally that it was no big deal, Don’t do any restrictions. They mocked Trump for his travel ban and wanting restrictions. Called him xenophobic. Then 1 month later….. shut down, travel restrictions, masks…… WHO is a political organization run by the Chinese govt. Go look it up. There are even documentaries on it.

      1. Stop lying. In late November schools in El Paso county where responsible for 22% of all cases. Then they shut down and did not reopen until February. Four days ago my child’s school went back to all children back full time. They disregard social distancing, no communal eating, etc. Within those 4 days already over 50 children needed to be quarantined.

        1. Like I said. Private and Charter schools. No all El Paso County Schools. Private an Charter school can do their own thing of the most part. School always has followed mask guidelines and what not. Not one kid or teacher has become seriously ill with COVID. Some have tested positive and stayed home but there has never been a outbreak.
          We still have outdoor events and sports. Its great. Kids are getting a good education from a Teacher not a computer so they wont be behind academically. They get to socialize, learn and play with their peers so they are mentally fit as well. Again no outbreaks or anyone getting seriously sick. Its is nice to live in the world and understand the hype vs reality are totally different.

    2. Hospitalizations are not up though! Nurses have gone back to doing their Tiktok dance routines. What will be interesting is seeing if history repeats like the roaring 20s and the very fun times that came after that. Of course,I can see the writing on the wall when we have someone in office more incompetent than Trump(who would have thought that was possible). Another 3 trillion Biden is looking at? Covid will be nothing compared to what’s coming in the future thanks to the incompetence of washington. Both sides are a failure!

    3. I agree with you. People are NOT reading the facts. SO GREAT>>>YOU ARE FULLY VACCINATED. What do vaccination percents really mean?? Almost nothing-you can still have it and shed it and spread it. Just YOU don’t get sick although it’s all over the net how many people come down with full-blown covid after full vaccination. The best way to run this into non-existence is to keep protecting each other by following a few easy common sense suggestions like masking up, washing hands, and social distancing. Kill the vector for infection-which is all of us. I am just appalled at how little regard there is for other lives in society by rebellious people who refuse to use common sense. Vaccines??The people who sell you the fear will be the first to sell you the cure. Stamp it out by PREVENTING SPREAD and infection.The vaccines just fool people into spreading it.

  2. Better questions yet. How are the hospitals? Last I checked they were are min levels and have very few covid patients.
    People need to stop getting tested unless their life is in danger. I know people who have a sniffel and go get tested and have like 10 times. People who aren’t really sick get tested and if positive it goes against our numbers, and they never even needed Tylenol……

    1. Exactly! According to El Paso County’s CDC site our hospital level is in the green (which is really good). Interesting how the whole story is not published. The whole point of restrictions was to protect the vulnerable and to keep the hospitals from being overwhelmed. How did this change to we can’t have anyone with the virus in their system?

  3. I wonder where these people are being tested, as I drove by two test sites in the middle of the afternoon and they were ghost towns. I saw nobody at one site and only one car at the other.

  4. Covid 19 HOSPITALIZATION rate vs. positivity rate is what matters.

    I just got copied on the NIH sero-study for which I was solicited several months ago. Perhaps the death rate is lower than first reported? Here’s the study:

    The virus is real. So are real statistics. Research American medical doctors using off-label therapeutics with success as well as newly discovered therapeutics in Israel. Dig deep, as you won’t find the CDC or American MSM disseminating this information.

    After researching mask efficacy against viruses (virtually NO efficacy) and therapeutics that worked against similar enveloped viruses like SARS CoV-1 and MERS, I’m skeptical of the current CDC guidelines and its push of experimental vaccines for which they are exempt from liability.

    Most viruses mutate into “variants”, the new fear-mongering narrative. There are clinically proven, prophylactic protocols that kill and inhibit SARS CoV-2 in the nasal cavity and throat. Seek out other countries’ news outlets and world-wide studies to learn this information. Much of the American MSM is agenda-driven and no longer objective. Don’t fear every headline. Arm yourself with truth and knowledge.

  5. Let’s see. 473,000 people in El Paso county have had COVID. 6,190 El Paso County residents have died of COVID. The vaccinations are known to decrease morbidity of infection by nearly 100%.
    But, hey. If you search the Qnews you can find any number of excuses to ignore science, safety and common sense.
    Businesses will never get back to normal as long as you folks spew your delusions. Children will be the next to suffer greatly at your ignorance.
    400,000 Americans have already died needlessly because of it.

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