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Colorado’s redistricting commission chair removed over election conspiracy Facebook posts

DENVER, Colo. (KRDO) -- Colorado's Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission voted unanimously Monday to remove Chairman Danny Moore from his position amid Moore's Facebook posts supporting election conspiracy theories. Though Moore will not Chair the commission, he will continue to serve as a Commissioner.

Carly Hare served as Vice-Chair of the commission and will now serve as Chair following Moore's removal.

One of the Facebook posts in question from Moore's account, obtained by our news partners 9NEWS, reads in part: "By any account, the election of 2020 will go down as the most questioned election in our country's history. What we know for sure is that mass mail-in ballots can be controlled by the people you give them too (the Postman, ballot counters.) Once you hand them over you lost any voice you thought you had."

Moore's Facebook posts are no longer publicly accessible.

In public comments submitted to the commission, Coloradans seem to be fairly split on whether they believe Moore should be removed as Chair of the commission.

"I am shocked and alarmed at the information that has become public about Danny Moore's extremely partisan and dangerous political views," wrote Bernardita Z. Hutchinson of Boulder in a public comment. "Surely you can find someone else who is able to serve in the independent and fair capacity in which the commission was designed and overwhelmingly approved by Colorado’s voters in 2018."

"Please, Mr. Moore, keep your head held high and don't apologize to the mob. I am very concerned how the woke media has portrayed you in what I would consider a political takedown," wrote Sharon Kortrey of Colorado Springs in a public comment. "Please keep the politics and lobbyists from this commission. You all have an important and difficult job ahead of you and I will keep you all in my prayers."

To listen to the full, 2.5 hour-long meeting regarding Moore's removal, click here.

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Sydnee Stelle



  1. It is happening in every democrat city they try to boot every republican ,so they can silence Americans

  2. I’ve seen way worse on-line posts expressing all kinds of things even on this site. We have freedom of speech and press. That means people will say and print things that you do not agree with and that you might even find insulting. You don’t ruin someone’s life over it. You don’t unperson them. Why? Because then the same thing could happen to you.

  3. Cancel Cuulture at work by the radical marxist democrats who now occupy all levels of government. The criminal radical marxist democrats are behind the massive voter fraud and they will try to destroy anyone who speaks of it.
    Say “There was No voter fraud” and you are in the club if you suggest there was voter fraud watch out.
    The radical marxist democrats are on a mission to destroy America. Was racism at play as well, is Chairman Moore being punished for wandering off the marxist democrat plantation?

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