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The School Buzz: 8th grader moves from Texas to join D-11 Gifted Magnet Program

A gifted student recently moved from Texas to join a gifted program within D-11.

Jacie Bradley is in the 8th grade and she moved here to the Springs from Amarillo Texas simply to get a better education. She started learning through D-11 remotely. And now that she’s here she’s at Sabin Middle School as a part of their Gifted Magnet Program.

It’s a full-time “school within a school,” a model for gifted and talented students in the top five percent of their age groups. It’s a more project-based, hands-on style that is rigorous and engaging. The teachers love it. And so does Jacie.

"It's a lot of innovation, a lot of creativity. I think it's really neat to see them spark a passion, so for Jacie, in the Science Club, it's really neat to see her get a spark from that," said Chris Smith, a Sabin Middle School Gifted Magnet Program science teacher.

Jacie told KRDO, "The teachers here really just go above and beyond. In computer science, I was finishing the code levels so fast before class was over, that my teacher opened up a course in Cisco Networking Academy so that I would have something to keep me engaged."

This Gifted Magnet Program has students still learning remotely as well: Denver, Mississippi, one student logged on while in Turkey!

It’s great for Jacie, who wants to be a Bio-informatics Scientist because she wants to code algorithms to analyze genomes.

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Josh Helmuth

Josh is an anchor for Good Morning Colorado. Learn more about Josh here.

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